Lives changed forever!

Sophie is Niall's daughter (No-one knows about niall having a daughter and a wife) and they live an happy life until a girl called Gemma Ruins everything and their lives change forever!

This is my first fanfiction hope you like it, feel free to leave tips in the comments.


1. Birthday

It's my birthday tomorrow and all i want is my dad home,he's on tour, all the time, he never sees me or my mum,i know he can't help it but.......I HATE IT. Plus non of my friends know that I'm Niall's daughter and they can never find out, only family know. I hate it when people at school ask me where my dad is but i just say he ran away when i was young. I have this really annoying  friend called Gemma and she always says to me "can i come round to yours" and i always say "NO" then she's like "Why,Why?." I have theses two friends called Jess and Lisa and they always say that Niall (my dad) is hot then say to me don't you think so and I'm like "YUCK" they always talk about him.


My real name is Sophie Horan but i have to use a fake name so no-one finds out and i hate it (i hate alot of things) anyway it's Sophie Simpson. My mum and dad just wanted me to be brought up normal like they was not a spoilt kid so that's why i go to a normally school.


Anyway for my birthday i would like:

-Perfume -Iphone -camera -new bike -money and more

I would also ask for my dad home but he can't come. Normal kids my age spend lots of time with there dad doing fun things. My dad comes home around every two months for one month. sometimes i cry my self to sleep because i miss him so much, my mum misses him to,loads but doesn't like to show it. He calls but only for about 40 mins a week.  



-Hope you guys liked it. comment your thoughts and tips. Chapter 2 will be up soon





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