The Journal

Sirius had been hiding something dangerous, something treacherous...from the rest of the Wizarding World... something only he knew about. The matter was never revealed to any individual as his death arrived unexpectedly a little too soon. One day, while James Albus Potter and his friends were messing around the Whomping Willow, the tree catapulted an old, withered journal straight towards James’ head. The kids were clueless as to the information held within the journal, but soon realized it held things that would change their lives, twisting it with adventure, drama, and choosing between life and death.


1. Memories Forever and Always

Voldemort was rising to power. I had figured out that one cannot live without the other due to our powerful connection through our minds. I was slightly preoccupied these days trying to find a way to kill Voldemort without killing myself. I was desperate and running out of time. I was running around in circles, using my brain to the maximum power, when it hit me. I realized that I had to die. I didn’t want to die though. I had lived a very short life. I had trustworthy friends that  I didn’t want to leave now. I was living an adventurous and happy life.

He was killing innocent muggles while I was in despair. Hermione and Ron kept close to me as I racked my brain over and over again, playing the sequence of events in my head, trying to reason out the cause for all of it. Finally, I decided that I couldn’t be a coward and had to face the real world. I realized I’d have to start fighting him sooner of later, so I picked up my courage and started the fight then.

The whole school joined in. Many people risked their lives to assist me in the fight to our death. I couldn’t thank them enough for what they’d done. But there were some people who had been killed during their support for me, who will never leave my heart and mind, no matter how many years pass. I will always keep them in my memories as they were a big part in my life.

One of them, unfortunately, was my dear godfather, Sirius Black. He had always been there for me even if no one else was on my side. He used to make me laugh when I was sad, console me when I cried, and had kept me close to him in every one of my sentimental moments.

I still remember the last time I saw him, the day he died. I hear Bellatrix’s words sharp and strong with force as she spat them at my godfather. Before I could react, I watched Sirius’s face drain the second Bellatrix’s powerful ‘Avada Kedavra” left her mouth. Sirius’ sweet, gentle smile was replaced by shock and fear. His eyes holding deep meaning as the light left his face and he disappeared from this world.

I probably didn’t realize what had happened at that moment. All I could hear was my scream, acknowledging the fact that I would never see Sirius smile at me again. My cry echoed through the room as a sharp pain began to form at the bottom of my heart. I glared at Bellatrix with rage as my puffy, red eyes shot daggers at her evil little sneer. At that moment, I swore to myself that I would get revenge on her, I would avenge my godfather’s death.

I thrashed around in my sleep as my nightmare threatened to be reality. Ginny shook me, trying to awaken my from my fantasy. My kids rushed into the room, hearing my blood curdling screams, as they, too, were worried.  Then I woke up.

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