One Life

Heidi decided it'd be a good idea to go to the beach one day until she found someone there.... Who was it? You'll find out when you read "One Life" (;


1. Chapter 1

First off I want to start off by saying this is my first movella so don't hate me if it's bad. I've never did anything like this so it's just to try off and comment what you think, thanks!


Heidi's POV

Nurse; Good job Mrs. Jones! There she is! It's a girl!

Mrs. Jones; Oh my gosh, what's wrong with her! Is she alright??

Nurse; She will be fine. We need to take her. We will do everything we can to help her.

Mr. Jones; I will go with them hun, I won't leave our baby.

Mrs. Jones; alright go ahead..

*Kisses each other then he leaves the room*

End of FlashBack

Mrs. Jones; Heidi! Heidi! Come downstairs, I need to speak to you!


Okay so lets get something straight, I'm kinda rich I guess you could say but honestly I don't treat myself like I'm rich. At least I don't think so... but I am popular that's for sure! I could name every kid in school and all the guys fall for me but I want the type of guy who will treat me with respect, if any guy knew how to do that in these generations. I want a guy who won't rush things and will take me on romantic dates! Back in my past is something I don't like talking about. But it haunts me everyday. But on to the story (;


Heidi; Coming mom!

I walk down the few flights of stairs we have, which is kinda long.

Heidi; Yes mom?

Mrs. Jones; I found this in the trash. Why didn't you tell me you got a C on your Algebra test?

Heidi; Mom I can explain..

Mrs. Jones; I'm listening

Heidi; Algebra is hard!

Mrs. Jones; I am calling your teacher and asking her if you can retake this test. I will help you study.

Heidi; Okay...

As my mom picks up the phone, I walk back upstairs. I hate algebra! It's so hard...I can't believe I have to take it again..

I walk back downstairs to get my keys from the counter and write a note telling my mom how sorry I am and where I was going.

I jump into my Ferrari and drive to my friend's house. I knock onto the door and she opens it.

Friend; Hey Heidi!

Heidi; Hey Kate!

Kate; Come in, I...

Heidi; No we are going to the mall! So get dressed and I will meet you out in the car.


So that was the first chapter! Comment what you think of it! Thanks! (:






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