Grasping Hopes

Eight months. That's how long April has to live. After making a bucket list of sorts, she runs into the forever famous, Niall Horan, and after he finds out her story after a few coffees of course, he is determined to make everything on that list happen for April. A stranger he barely knows.


1. When Eyes Meet

Freezing hands and swollen feet were all that April was getting out of walking to the cafe again that afternoon. However, no matter how much the pain, she enjoyed the short walk.

Sliding open the door, she wiped her shoes on the rug and made her way towards the counter, where a tall man with black matted hair and a sweaty forehead was taking orders.

He looked to be in his late 30s, overworked and simply looking for a break on this cold winter day, sadly she was looking for the same.

After ordering her coffee, her eyes wandered around the place, searching for a place to sit and read her newly written list, and maybe add a few things.

In the far right corner in a booth, there was an elderly couple, chatting playfully, probably about times gone by. And next to them, there was a younger man reading the daily paper.

The bells on the door jangled once again, signaling a new customer. Much to April's surprise though, she new the blonde man who was making his was towards the counter.

Niall Horan.

Belonging to the worlds most famous boyband, April was in utter shock as he walked over and stood in line behind her.

The only thing that kept running through her mind was 'what is Niall Horan doing here of all places'.

It didn't take long for a few girls to run up to him. He gave them both hugs and autographs and then sent them on her way.

A few moments later, there was a tap on her shoulder. Turing to see who it was, she met the sparkling eyes of the fair haired Irish lad.

"Hi, he offered his hand to her as if they were just strangers, and he wasn't extremely famous, "I'm Niall.

Slowly, April took the hand of the handsome boy and muttered out her response, "I'm April. Nice to meet you," or something or the sorts.

He smiled warmly at her and then dropped his hand. She blushed realizing that she had been staring for a bit to long. She was in awe though.

"Do you come here often?" He asked, the smile still warming his face.

She smiled back helplessly, "Yeah, I come here to write." She second guesses her response, but then ignored it. She was talking to Niall Horan for crying out loud.

"Really? What are you writing?"

She frowned a bit and debated weather or not to tell him what she was actually writing. She didn't want to bother him with her own problems. He had enough to deal with. However, in the end, she spit out, "My bucket list."

His smile faded a bit as he looked at her with curiosity. "You mean like, what you want to do before you die?"

"Yeah, exactly." She smiled up at the boy, wondering what he was going to say next, or maybe he would leave the shop all together, not wanting to be bother by her.

"Aren't you a little to young to be thinking about that love?"

Losing her smile, Aprils face became serious as she thought about how to word her answer. "No actually," she sighed and then continued,"I only have right months to live, so why not start now?"

Niall's face turned to pure horror as he stared down at the slightly younger girl. Then, the sweaty man ran the bell and called out her order number.

She took one last glance at Niall and then turned to get her coffee. She made her way over to a empty table and set down her bag. She pulled out her list, written on fresh paper, and smoothed it over with her hands.

A few moments later, the chair next of hers pulled out. April looked over to see the blonde boy sitting at her table and looking rather confused. "So, you only have eight months left, right?"

She smiled a bit and turned toward him. "That's right," she said.

"It is alright if I read your list?" His face looked sincere as he asked this and April thought to herself, why not, what was he going to do with it anyway. She handed him the list carefully and he took it into his hands.

In her head she pictures the first few lines of the list:

1) Try as many new things as possible

2) Have a kiss in the rain

3) Fall in love

4) Fail a class

5) Skip school at least one day

6) Do something illegal and get away with it

7) Get married

8) Adopt a baby

9) Don't die a virgin

10) Make a scrapbook

She giggled to herself as Niall looked up from the list. "April," he said, looking her straight in the eyes, "if it is the last thing I do on the planet, I, Niall James Horan, am going to help you achieve every last thing on this list."

April burst into laughter at Niall's proposal. "Niall, love, all the things on that list are quite silly and I'm sure you have much better and way more important things to do than help a girl with her dying wishes." But even as she said it, she knew she would do anything for the blonde boy sitting in front of her.

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