2012 wasn't my year

What happened to my family and what they went threw..
Introducing my family and friends
School and subjects


2. 7 months and this year is getting worse

September... what a worse month for Kehani (which is me)... i am getting really sick, sicker than ever in my entire life. It started with an ear infection pretty normal for me cause I have trouble hearing and i have since i was 4 years old. Friday Antibiotics and ear drops given to me and i know the drill will be better in 2-3 days .. the next day you wouldn't believe I had a severe eye infection.. and a ear infection. OMG could this weekend get even worse.. I have already sick enough.. the next day i am coming out with a pimply rash .. i cant get rid of them... my dad and his colleagues think i had the measles as there was a breakout in Campbelltown region. they ran blood tests and i was isolated from school for a whole and so was Mum. September 11 (911) at exactly 10.30am i had a seizure... i had my shoulder and bit my tongue.. my mum was so worried and crying on the phone to my dad which he was in the city for training and he couldn't get out it. I woke up around 12ish... mum took me to Campbelltown hospital and I was admitted in hospital and i was in hospital for 3 days with IV antibiotics and i was diagnosed with epilepsy... great another medical condition to deal with... 17th September, big storms and thunders and hail going down ... my cat Jazzie ... he always goes out and basically live outside and we thought he would be racing inside to be out the rain and be safe.. but the next day i asked mum if Jazzie been home and she said i haven't seen him since last night and i am basically having a heart attack.... and he never returned home.
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