2012 wasn't my year

What happened to my family and what they went threw..
Introducing my family and friends
School and subjects


1. Feburary 2012

1st February 2012: It my cousin Aleah, 1st BIrthday.. I cant believe she is turning 1 year old, where has this year gone too... I am starting Year 10.. still in the same school (UNFORTUNATELY), I am still doing the compulsory subjects: English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Pdhpe, Child Studies. BORING! OK I thought to myself, this year is going to be good, going to focus hard and give my best shot to my ability. Ok I got some best teachers but hey I cant complain... OK stop talking about school for a change.. lets talk about my family... I should say "WHAT FAMILY" one side is very judgemental and don't believe in medical conditions.. on the other side... is a fighter family.. we get a phone call from my auntys or uncles or whatever and they will complain everything and they go at us .. it drives me nuts I wish I could walk away from all of this. 15th February 2012: OMG It is my brother birthday and he isn't down here to celebrate with me and my family but hey I really hope he comes down soon cause I miss him soo much. 18th February 2012: It is my sixteenth (SWEET!!) I cant believe i am eligble to get my L's can you believe my Learners... my parents are getting older haha..
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