Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


1. stay alive <3

Anna's .P.O.V

I stand in the middle of the misty fog .

"Hello ? " I manage to get out.

"Anna ? " I hear in response.

I quickly turn and see my dad walking towards me .

"Daddy ! " I run toward his throwing my arms around him

"Hey angel " he hugs me tighter .

"You were dead " I say .

"Anna honey . I'm still dead . " he says firmly .

"Um no your not your sitting here hugging me right now ! " I scream .

"Anna bell . Your in the In between . Darling you need to keep breathing for me . Okay . I've seen you sparkle since I died only a week ago . Keep sparkling okay . Remember that I'm always watching you shine . And I'm very proud of you . I also approve of Mathew . " he smiles and Pushes my hair behind my shoulder "keep breathing . For me . " he kisses my forehead then disappears .

"I love you daddy " I mumble .

||Mathews P.O.V||

It's been an hour and half . Almost everyone has came including Anna's step sister terra who I've never seen or met before she gives me a smile than takes a seat next to her dad . We've heard only that she's out of surgery and is in a coma and hooked to a machine helping her breath .

A nurse comes running through the doors "Anna bell has manage to make a heartbeat by her self . "

"When can we see her " I spit out .

"Now . If you want but she's still in the coma so you pretty much would only be able to see her . And only two people at a time "

Anna's mom and step dad both stand and follow the nurse . I wait for them to return .

"May I go next " I say standing .

They both nod and I follow the nurse to a room with a sleeping Anna . I sit next to her and the nurse turns and leaves . I rub my thumb over her hand . I look over her . She had cloth wrapped around her arms and bandage over something on her forehead a huge bump on the top of her head and what looked like a brace on her knee . I look around the room at the machines . I wish I knew what they meant .

I use to think Anna was just a girl nothing special about her I said love you but I never really meant it . I realise now that I thought wrong she's everything I want . Strong . Pretty . Fragile . Free . It's sad that I now realise that she's who I want I could have just lost her . Like that one minute she's breathing and smiling the next nothing . I put my hands to my face .

"Anna please come back I really love you I really do " I say aloud

"I love you too Mathew " I hear mumbled .

"Anna " I question looking down .

I feel a hand tighten around mine .I sit still for a moment memorising everything that's happening .

"I almost lost you " I breath out .

"But you didn't " I see her smile.

"I'm sorry for hurting you " she says almost like she's crying .

"Baby you didn't know what you were doing "

"I know but I still hurt you I won't ever forgive my self "

"Anna you almost died you don't need to hold on to that okay I forgive you . You were night walking " I see a tear fall from her eye .

"I should probably let someone else come in " I lean down and kiss her cheek which makes her cringe .

"Don't tell anyone I'm awake . " she says as I turn and leave

"I won't " I say walking out the door .

I return back to the waiting room and sit next to Maggie .

"Mathew will you go with me to get some food " she ask rubbing her stomach .

"Yeah come on " we both stand up and start walking towards the cafe on the way I spot a gift shop and pull Maggie inside . She picked out chocolate in a tiny bear while I picked out a huge teddy bear along with red and white roses . We than walk to the cafe and sit down to eat .

||Anna's p.o.v||

"Anna please come back I really love you I really do" I hear someone say guessing Mathew

"I love you too Mathew " I mumble

"Anna " he questions

I tighten May hand tighten around his .I smile at his touch

"I almost lost you " he breaths out

"But you didn't " I say smiling

We sit there for seconds in silence I finally had to say it

"I'm sorry for hurting you " I say in tears from the pain

"Baby you didn't know what you were doing " he rubs my hand

"I know but I still hurt you I won't ever forgive my self " I let out

"Anna you almost died you don't need to hold on to that okay I forgive you . You were night walking " I couldn't help but let a tear out

"I should probably let someone else come in " He leans down and kiss my cheek which hurts

I didn't want him to leave I wanted him to stay with me .

"Don't tell anyone I'm awake . " i say I don't want anyone near me or talking to me I wanna stay quite

"I won't " he says walking out the door

I frown . Every part of me aches . My head throbs I can't even move my knee . I hear footsteps than I pretend to be asleep .

"Hey Anna bell " I hear it was Ryder . I'm glad he thinks I'm still asleep there's no way I wanna talk to him .

"I'm sorry I crashed your so injured your face has scars " I feel his hand on my head is he stupid .

"There was so much glass all over you and so much blood and all I got was a broken bone " I wish he would shut up he's not helping

He gets up to leave and kisses my cheek . My eyes shoot open and I slap him as hard as I can.

"Don't ever touch me like that again " I puff .

He turns and leaves without another word .

I close my eyes and let my mind take over .

|| 6 hours later ||

Mathew is a sleep leaning on my bed it's dark in the room no one else is in the room . I run my fingers through his hair . On the chair beside him a huge teddy bear and small teddy bear are sitting . I smile . I look towards the clock 10 o clock he should be gone . I guess he finally notice I woke up because he rubs his eyes and sits up .

"Are you okay baby ? " he ask touching my hand

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