Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


6. Makin my way downtown

WARNING: seriously sexual scenes ahead. Content 16+

"Oh my god." I say. We were standing in front of the biggest strip club I had ever seen. The name was 'Vegas De Ja Vù' it had strobe lights everywhere on the outside and you could hear the ground vibrating with the beat. It reminded me of going to the Halloween party, hearing the pulsing ground, alive with the ever consistent beat

"Now. " Maggie says. "We use the back door. "

The strip club would've been amazing if I were a lesbian. Almost-naked women were walking around everywhere, drunk men, drunk kids our age were even there. Lights were going on and off everywhere, in sync with some electro song that was blasting through the place. We both spot the stage immediately. I glance over to Maggie and we both have nearly the same idea.

"You got makeup?" I barely hear her ask.

"Yeah. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Oh hell yes. "

We apply a shit ton of makeup, making us look much older than 16. Finally we walk out there and walk onstage where two vacant poles are. We begin to dance, which is a lot like cheerleading.

Maggie was an excellent stripper. She almost immediately discarded her shirt, exposing her silky, black bra. She had spotted a man with several wads of money and leaned towards him, exposing her cleavage. He stuffed the money down her bra and she winked and retreated back to her pole. My turn.

Suddenly it was a game, who could get more money. I spotted the probably richest man in there, sitting in a spot a little ways back from the stage. I get off and waltz over to him. Time to see how good I am at lap dancing.

He was attractive enough, he looked about 25, his eyes glazed over from copious amounts of alcohol. I smiled beckoningly and pulled off my shirt, exposing my lacy bra. His eyes lit up a little, but still not enough. I sat down on his lap gently, straddling him. I took his hand and guided it all over my legs and ass, and finally through the curve of my waist. He looked pretty excited now, and I could see - was that a boner? Ew. His right hand went around my rib cage as his left squeezed my ass affectionately. I wasn't exactly comfortable with this, but whatever, right? I was different. I needed to change, to forget. I needed to become someone different, new.

I needed to forget. And this is how I was gonna do it.

His right hand made it's way into my bra, and pushed it up and off of me. He looked at me a moment, sinking it in. I didn't like this at all, but oh well.

"It's extra if you want to touch" I purred into his ear. He nodded and began to touch me all over. His left hand made it's way into my jeans and underwear, feeling the skin on my ass. He began to give me a hickey, a dark one right on my neck. It reminded me of Ryder, and suddenly I pulled away. "I'll take this. " I said, scooping up all of the money on the table and my bra, hastily pulling it on and stuffing the money inside of it.

Meanwhile, Maggie was actually having fun. Two men had 'made it rain' around her. She had also discarded the miniskirt and stockings ,exposing her closely fitted black underwear. She obviously had more money than Me ,but oh well. I had tried.

We began to dance together. In a way it was like cheerleading, being able to move together like one mind. I ended up stripping down my pants, and doing the same thing I had done to the first man to another. Around 2am, Maggie and I were getting tired, so we found what remained of our clothes and called Ryder.

"Hey babe?" I asked when he picked up.

"What's up?" He replied sleepily.

"Sorry to wake you, but can you come pick me and Maggie up? We sorta... Um... Lost track of time. " I say.

"Sure. Where ya at?"

"Downtown, near the De Ja Vu strip club."

"Why were yo- oh nevermind. I'll be there in 20 minutes.

"Thanks. Love you. "

"You too." He said as he hung up the phone.

"What the hell did we just do?!" Maggie says suddenly. We're outside the strip club, the cool air helping our sweaty bodies become bearable.

"Maggie, we're starting a new life. "

"But..." She trails off. Maggie was always loyal, but this was sorta crossing the line... Almost.

"I need to forget. I need to forget about the baby, Mathew, my dad... You've got to understand. BTDubs, how much money did you get?" I ask.

"About 400$. You?"

"350$. Damn it. You're good. "

"I know" she smiles. I notice that she had 3 hickeys on her neck and nail marks all over her arms.

"What are our parents gonna think!" I exclaim. My mom will KILL me if she ever found out.

"Um... You just say that you were spending the night with me, and totally forgot to text her about it until now. We'll sneak into my house and you can borrow some of my clothes. She'll get over it. " Maggie says. She's always the best at coming up with convincing lies.

"Thanks boo." I say. Suddenly, Ryder pulls up.

" Hey. Got a new car. " he says. "Get in"

We drove back to hell.

"Thanks Ryder " I say opening the door .

"Sure thing " I slam my door as Maggie struggles to get out of the car. She finally stands up with heels in hand and starts walking to her house . Tripping every so often I turn and start walking to my front door I decided it would be best if I just slept in my own house . I grab the handle . Damn it ! It's locked . I puff than walk to the back yard climbing the fence . I circle the house a couple times tiring all the bottom floor windows . I finally found a window that was unlocked . It was the one to the formal dinning room which we never use . I duck in putting my hands on the other side of the window . I than pull my legs in slightly falling catching my self on the table . I remove my heels . Than start walking to my bedroom and jumping onto my bed falling asleep fully dressed .

I feel someone poke me and I sit up really fast .

"Anna wake up " it was my brother

I yawn .

"I'm up " I say stretching

"Where did you get all this money " he ask looking at the wad of cash laying on my bedside table .

"Non ya business . Now get the fuck out! " i stand up and push him out slamming the door .

I do my makeup the same as yesterday and throw my hair in a side pony tail . I also put my ripped black leggings on with my cheetah print crop top on . Along with the same heels I wore yesterday god I need to go shopping .I walk down the stairs but before I can leave . My mom stops me .

"Anna you're baby sitting the twins tonight " the twins are the smiths children only a year old and are a hot mess

"The hell I am !? " I say banging my hand on the counter

"Yes you are young lady wether you like it or not "

"Whatever " I than stomp out the door.

| that night |

The twins get to my house within a hour of me getting home . I set the carriers on the ground and pick up Audrey . The smiths hand me there diaper bag than all the adults including my parents leave .

The doorbell rings within 15 mins I cross over to the door bouncing Audrey on my shoulder while Andrew sleeps . I swing the door open and Maggie waltzes through the door. She had on a jacket and jeans, not slutty but good enough.

"Aye bit- what are those things?" She asks, pointing to one of the twins.

I laugh. "Honey, those are children, you're helping me babysit."

"I did not agree to this !!! " she screams .

"Whatever " I pull her arm then slam the door behind her making Andrew start crying . "Go get him" . I order her. A look of sheer terror crosses her face before she went over to the child and held him like Simba from the Lion King.

"AHHH SAPENYAAA BABABEESHKEBABAAAA" she began to sing to the tune of the theme song. I roll my eyes and take the baby from her.

"So we goin shopping or what? We need new clothes if we're gonna pull this off." Maggie states.

"Sure. I'll grab some stuff for the kids. I'm not supposed to go out but whatever. " I say. I get the kids' stuff and me and Maggie manage to get our way out of the door.

(At the mall, Maggie's pov)

"Go try this on. " Anna demanded as she threw something brightly colored at me. I sighed and trudged into the changing room. It was a neon spray-painted looking muscle shirt and some super short black shorts. I pulled them on and stepped outside the dressing room.

I studied myself in the mirror. The muscle shirt looked amazing on me, its bright colors complimenting the shorts and my pale skin. I looked really good in neon.

Suddenly Anna stepped out in a midnight blue, close fitting crop top and galaxy leggings. "You look BEATEMOUS! Buy it. And but these too, they're the same size. " she threw about 6 different outfits at me. Then I had an idea.

"One more thing..."

(Back at the house with the twins, about an hour later. Still Maggie's pov)

"Maggie you're insane. " Anna said.

"Shh! I'm almost done!" I said, adding another coat of bright purple hair dye to her hair. Anna was going to do my hair an ombré neon blue to neon green, with red highlights that would look super cool. Her hair looked good solid purple , and it would look even prettier when it started to fade and turn a light purple.

I finished the last part. "There. My turn. " I said. I had already put the foil in her hair so she could do mine while hers was drying out. I say down in front of the mirror as she pulled my hair back and dipped it in the sink so she could bleach it without missing some curls.

"So I think our parents have officially given up on us." She says.

"Yep. I can't wait until Scarlet's party tomorrow. Maybe we can strip again?" I ask teasingly. She sticks her tongue out at me in the mirror and I laugh a little. We stay silent for a while until she finishes my hair.

"There. Now take this ratchet foil out of mine and I'll take a shower really quick and see how it turned out. " she says. I nodded and carefully, without moving the foil on my hair too much, went out of the bathroom to go check on the twins. It was about 11, and Anna's parents were supposed to be home around 5am. The twins were asleep when I went in there, so I had to be pretty quiet.

It was dark in the room, perfect atmosphere for me to think in. Being all badass was fun. It really was. But I was beginning to become concerned with how much Anna really was hurting. I could relate to her in some ways, like our dads being dead, but I had never been in a relationship. The only guy I even kind of liked was Ryder, which I barely even knew.

"MAGGIE!" I hear screamed from the other room and a loud thump.

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