Slaves to a Different Race

Alex, a 15 year old human, has lived in fear for over half of her life. Her family murdered in the First Immortal War. Her life was turned around at the moment. She went into hiding, but like every hidden object she was found.


1. Chapter 1

Over half my life I spent running. Afraid of what happened to the world I loved. Seven years ago Vampires and Werewolves unveiled them selves. Six years ago a war broke out. Killing my family as well as 9,834 other people. Five years ago I started running and four years ago humans became slaves. The war had stopped three years ago with the total dead being at 10,762,304. I have been on the run for five years. The human race was now being regulated by vampires and werewolves. Concentration camps had been set up to teach us out places. Men were expected to do hard labor. Women had to do much worse. We had to marry and reproduce to the creatures, we had to be their blood bags. We were slaves. Men were more free then us. The only way you can get out of being a slave is if a werewolf is your mate or if you are a blood singer to a vampire. I am terrified by both. They think we are disposable. We don't matter. I have seen family's ripped apart. People tortured, raped, killed, all because they didn't listen.

I have never gotten caught. Sadly though I am like my mom with reasoning. She always would say nothing stays lost or hidden forever. I knew eventually I would be caught. I knew I would become a walking blood bag and a sex toy eventually everyone does.


Two years later

I am finally 15. I am proud of that age. No one has caught me and I have been on the run for seven years. I got off of my make shift bed and got ready for the day. As soon as I was done I darted to the nearest town. I needed more supplies. As I was walking through the town I was getting looked at. I creeped me out a little. Men's hungry eyes looked my body over. I walked into a small store and bought some medical supplies. The vampire at the counter looked at me skeptically.

"So what is a little pathetic human like yourself doing buying all of these supplies?" He questioned.

"My parents and I go out into the woods every once and a while and this last time my dad was climbing a tree with me and he fell. Scratched littered his arms and legs. We had no medical supplies so I wanted to make sure we had them this time." I lied.

"Oh." Was his reply.

As I was walking out I was putting the supplies in my bag I bumped into some one. I fell onto my bottom and looked up. If I would have grown up with out the werewolves and Vampires I would have yelled something along the lines of watch where your going. But I don't live in that world and instead I politely just said. "Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Child it isn't your fault, things like this are a meet mistake." I looked up at the guy. I wish I didn't. He is some high ranked official it can tell cause seconds later I was picked up by to goonies and thrown into a dumpster close by.

"Ow." I said trying to get out of the dumpster. The man was helping me in seconds but as soon as I realized what he was doing I fell back into the dumpster and yelled. "Please don't touch me. I can stand getting thrown into a dumpster but by the looks of it your goonies could throw me to Mars." Every thing about that sentence shouldn't have came out if my mouth.

"Oh, my. Dear please let me help you out and you can answer me this, who is your master." He said when I started climbing again.

I stopped and straddled the top of the wall. "I don't have a master."

"Interesting all humans here are slaves. Good thing my son just got rid of his old slave. You can replace her perfectly."

"What?" I gasped.

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