Loving you

This is the story of a girl called Jessica who falls for Niall Horan and he falls for her. But will her ex-husband Joe come back to haunt her??? Find out in this movella!


2. divorce?


"Your a dick for not treating this beautiful woman right!" Shouted the boy he came back grabbed my hand and said " I'm Niall by the way " " I'm Jess, thanks for that" " no problem"

We ordered our drinks and sat at a table. " i um better go now my work break finishes very soon " she sighed. "Aw really " I said "um yeah thanks for everything bye niall" "seya". I was about to walk out of the cafe when a warm hand grabbed my wrist I turned around and it was Niall he pulled me closer sending a chill of excitement down my spine I hadn't been this excited for ages. He looked into my eyes with his crystal blue ones and passes me a peice of paper that had a number on it then he simply walked away.

~later on~

I opened the door and chucked the keys on the bench "hey" said joe I looked up at him " want some fun baby" "no!" I yelled " oh come on we could do a threesome with the girl in the bedroom!" He yelled. That was the final straw I walked out of the house ( with the keys ) in disgust I dialed nialls number. "Hello?" "Uh hi it's Jess " "sorry Jess i really have to go! Can we talk in 5 mins?" "Ok"


"Sorry about that!" " it's ok" " are you busy tomorrow " I asked "sorry I'm going on a date tomorrow " "o" was all that came out of my mouth. "Well who's the lucky lady?" I chuckled "um...you" "really? Um ok pick me up at 7:00 tomorrow night" I felt so happy I thought it was going to be a pretty model or celeb but he choose me ,why?


Ok I know it's not good but I'm trying to make it better plz comment update if you would like me to write more. Sorry for the short chapter.

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