Fire Without A Flame

Fucking Zombies. They took over humans role in taking reign over Earth, they're eating all of us alive. Harlow Eve, the daughter of two of the most un-royals, of well, the royal family. That's write, she's a princess. But, she now doesn't get to live to oh-so beautiful life she has dreamed since she was a sprout.


1. Prologue: Outside Buckingham Palace.


                          I perched myself up on the tree, gripping the rough branches with one hand, and wiping the blood my forehead with the other. My stomach churned of the smell of rotting flesh, and the sweat of my un-washed body. There were dead bodies scattered everywhere, and I was covered in dirt.


                          This all happened three weeks ago. People found some distort animal, wondering the streets by Buckingham palace. Everyone looked at the creature with pure disgust, but scientists' had to find more about them, then find out how to kill it. And well, the "Zombie" dug its teeth into one of the scientists skin. Soon, fifteen people were getting injected with the juices of whatever those things were. And then a hundred. Then thousands.


                           Right now, I haven't seen anyone who isn't a zombie. I'm alone. And, I'm starting to get a little twitchy of being isolated. I don't know how much the intoxicating disease has spread, but it must have gotten far.


                            I shoved the pistol in my pocket and slung the strap of the AK47 over my shoulder. I had to start moving, I had to find a hotel, somewhere to sleep. My hands wrapped around the branch and I jumped down onto the ground, and ran onto the street.


                            By my knowledge, there was a hotel five miles north of here. Which means, I should be protected by sundown. I sighed in relief and started walking, looking around in caution. I've already had to kill a handful of my relatives. But it's not my fault they tried to rip me apart and eat me for a meal. Wish they still had manners.


                             My head was still pounding, though. The sound of gun shots still rung in my ears. I groaned and slapped myself in the face. "Wake up, Harlow"


                             I kicked open the door to the Backer Hotel. Holding up my gun protectively. Only to see three men, and a little girl holding a cat. I furrowed my eyebrows and smirked. "Listen, as long as none of you have been hit, I'll help you get out of here and into the US. I'm planning on hitting New York City by next week. You in?"



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