Waking up for work


1. waking up for work

*RINGRINGRING* chills ran through my back as I slowly open my eyes this morning, slapping my phone to shut the alarm off. The sun is still blacked out by the mountains, I look at the clock and it reads 0515. I'm still in a sleeping Trance as I scream WAKE UP to my roommate, the evil blood stripes need to feed on the dust in our rooms. After they leave I shaved and started to head to my vehicle, the cold shoots thru my cammies, tempted to put my hands in my pockets I didn't, I felt eyes of the blood stripes just watching and waiting. I finally made it to the chowhall, *CRACK* I start peeling my eggs and sadness falls upon me knowing that I'll have to be going to work soon. Three or so hours go by and now I find myself, seeking warmth in the office of the L-form. Cardone, the 03 struggling to find his way in a 30's mos is running to warm himself up, I just think they got to him. Well till next time -LCPL rivera

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