24 hours in a warehouse


1. 24 hour walk thru duty

I still can't believe im back....when I survived the night last year here i said I would never step foot in that place again.. Boy was I wrong. Tonight I must do whatever it takes to make it another night in the most horrifying warehouse ever, 2251! I'll ration out my last hot pocket and half jug of water. As far as weapons go, I have a 9mm stapler with half a clip, m3051 service broom with an extended mag. And a plastic fork. It won't be easy but I've done it before, this is LCPL rivera signing off.

As the sun rises I realized yet again what extreme ends I'll go thru in order to survive. I had to battle this thing called the Salazar. He was tough but two left foot kill moves, firing at the rapid rate with my 9mm stapler, and a parade rest later he fell back. My duty NCO went to take her sleeping post but it was only suppose to be for five hours like I got but, it's going on 7 hours and still haven't heard from her. I fear the spirit of 2251 got her, ill look for her when I find a safe passage out first. I'm at a lack of sleep, hallucinating, and hungry. When the sun is finally up I'll know for sure it's safe once again. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Once again this is LCPL rivera signing off. SEMPER FI

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