I'm on the team

Sky is the avengers hacker and electronic girl she is their leader with amazing power she has technology power but what happens when Loki returns sky develops a soft spot for Loki will there be problems when Loki develops feelings for her to or will they learn to accept it


2. Meet me tonight

We ran outside and I made everyone hold onto each other.
" ready" I asked they all nodded their heads I teleported us to New York City I looked around and all I saw was people walking around people started to notice us and started taking photos I groaned I was about to turn around to give up when I saw Loki running down the street .
" OVER THERE"I shouted the team snapped their heads in that direction they started running and flying I teleported to him and I ended in a alleyway I looked around it was dark so I couldn't see it smelt like trash and rotten food I feel like I need to vomit I created a light in my hand and I saw Loki right in front of me he quickly shut my hand so the light went he pushed me up against the wall I opened my mouth to scream but Loki covered it he stood there for a minute and moved his hand I looked at him.
" why the hell did you do that " I said I tried getting out of his grip but he was to strong so instead I tripped and fell backwards well kinda to the side cause I was against the wall I landed on my back and Loki landed on top of me or chests pressed together I felt butterflies flutter around in my stomach WHAT why am I getting butterflies he's the enemy Loki smirked .
" I like this position " he said I gasped and tried to hit him but he hand my arms pinned to the ground so it made it harder I looked into his eyes to see he was already staring at me he slowly leaned in and I didn't stop him he stopped when our lips were brushing he slightly looked at me to see if he could i nodded as soon as I did he smashed his lips against mine I didn't hesitate to kiss back he pulled me up off the ground and stood us up not breaking the kiss he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer I wrapped my arms around his neck he licked my bottom lip for entrance I went to opened my mouth but we got cut off .
" SKY WHERE ARE YOU" Thor yelled we pulled away Loki groaned in annoyance and I sighed we looked at each other I pulled away and went to walk away but Loki grabbed my wrist I turned to him.
" I need to see you again " he said I stood there , Im completely mental if I say yes but I can't just leave knowing that we have a spark so I nodded .
" we will be in Asgard tonight come meet me in Thor's room we will be staying in there but at night the boys and Natasha will be down in the dinning hall with Odin and the rest " I said Loki stood in thought .
" I ca-" I cut him off by smashing my lips against his he kissed back I pulled away and rested my forehead against his he was looking at me .
" please" I asked he nodded before pulling me into a hug .
"SKYLER PLEASE WHERE ARE YOU" I heard Thor yell worried I sighed pulling out of the hug.
"See you tonight baby girl" Loki said I blushed but nodded I leaned up and gave him a peak on the lips before walking out the alleyway I saw the team at the end of the street they saw me and came running at me Thor flew at me and pulled me into a hug .
" did you get him " he asked I shook my head Thor kissed my head and flew back to the rest who were standing at the entrance of the alleyway I took a quick peek into the alleyway to see Loki in the shadows he smiled at me I looked down blushing .
" yeah I defiantly got him" I whispered . 


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