Story Of Our Life

18 Year Old Madison Is Living In A Hell Whole. She Really Doesn't Like Her Life. Her Mom Died When Giving Birth To Her Little Brother And He Dad Died 3 Days Before Her 16th Birthday. She Has To Live With Her Grandparents, And Not That She Has A Problem With It, She Just Misses Her Parents Way Too Much. Her School Is A Living Hell Whole, Until She Meets The Older Brother She Never Remember Having. Then, Her Life Changes Forever...


4. Chapter 3: Keep Calm And Eat On {Niall}

The first time Madison walked through the room, my heart stopped. When she stopped to look at us, my breath was caught in my throat. As we listened to her yell and laugh, Zayn looked at us. 

"No one is to date her, got it?" He said. We all nodded.

*45 Minutes Later*

Madison walked in and sat down.

"Was up?" She asked.

"Vus happening?" Zayn asked as she laughed slightly.

"I'm bored! I'mma talk with chu!" 

"Your friends have to go?" 

"Ya, I recorded and they had to go... I talked to the girls for awhile after, dough. That's why I laughed to hard, I fell off the bed." 

"Nice." Liam said sarcastically.

"Wanna say that, again to my face?" She asked, holding her fist up.

"Chill out." Louis said.

"Wow, first pair of guys that didn't wanna fight with me... My friends and I always do that... You guys are lame." She muttered, leaning against the wall behind her, with her hands behind my head. 

"Are we, now?" Harry asked. She nodded.

"You don't wanna fight me. Ha, it's not like y'all could beat me! No one can." She said, trying to anger us. It worked, cuz Harry stood up. She stood up as well.

"How could you beat me if you're so short?" He asked. Ouch, right in the heart.

"Shut up right now before I shut you up in a casket." She hissed.

"What are you gonna do, call your mommy?" He taunted, bending down looking her in the eyes. She looked very angry and tears slowly ran down her face.

She couldn't take it. She punched him in the face.

"Wanna say it again?!" She half yelled. He shook his head, holding his cheek where she punched him. 

"And for your information, my parents died, asshole!" She shouted, tears streaming down her beautiful face. She ran back her room. Zayn went to check on her after giving Harry a warning glance.

"Madison..." Zayn's voice said.

"Zayn, I don't wanna talk to anyone right now, OK? I just wanna be left alone." I heard her sobbed.

"No, I'm not leaving." 

"Yes, you are! I don't wanna see anyone's face anymore! I've had to put up this this shit for a long time, and I hate people! Just leave!"

She slammed the door as hard as she could. Zayn walked back in with an angered look on his face.

"Harry, you best leave right now before I make you." Zayn hissed. Harry nodded and ran out. 

I know Zayn said no one could date her, but he didn't say we couldn't like her and be her friend.

"Mind if I try talking to her?" I asked Zayn.

"Go ahead and try. She's really upset." He replied.

I was going to ask her to hangout and try to calm her down. I walked up to her door and knocked softly.

"What do you want!?" She sobbed angrily.

"I want to know if I, Niall, can talk to you." I said. She was silent. She opened her door.

"Why do you want to talk to me?" She cried. I stared at her perfect icy blue eyes as I searched for an answer.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to come to Nando's with me." I said.

She hesitated, before nodding.

"Give me a moment to get dressed." She sighed. I nodded and she closed the door. She was short, but not a whole lot shorter than me. I think she's beautiful. I walked out to the living room and everyone looked at me expectantly. 

"She's getting dressed and I'm taking her Nando's." I said. 

"You better not be planning to do anything to her." Zayn said, narrowing her eyes. 

"I'm not, I'm just taking her there."

"Better be just that."

"It is. I have to admit, you're sister is quite pretty, but I have no intention of dating her." LIE!

Madison walked in. She looked even better when she wasn't in her pyjamas. She wore a black, tight T-shirt,  black, ripped skinny jeans, and I leather jacket. We took separate cars in case I was mobbed.  

*45 Minutes Later*

She ate like me, and her mouth was only slightly fouler. Her long, wavy red hair fell over her shoulders perfectly. Her icy blue eyes sparkled. Her perfect white smile killed me. She gave me butterflies. She stopped my heart. As we walked out of Nando's, she glanced over her shoulder. She cursed under her breath.

"Niall, pick up the pace. The prick squad is here." She whispered. 

I wasn't listening. I don't care if Zayn will kill me... I thought.



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