Lost in your arms

This Story is about true love. (One Direction not real) Andrea doesn't know she is falling so hard in love. Shes afraid to lost the love of her live. When they started the relationship she just thought it was just a joke and to mess around. But when they start to get more serious she starts to get scared to lost him. What would happen between them? Read to find out.


1. About Me


i woke up by my alarm. i need to tell you a bit anout my self so my name is Andrea. I'm 15. And I'm single. So my sister, brother and me live alone at a house cuz our mom left to New York for a better life and our dad died at a car accident 3 years ago.

Today is Thursday. So today is first day of school and I'm super exited cuz this mean cute boys, new friends and I finally get to see my best friends! 

So I got up from bed. Check my phone and nothing no messages, no missed calls, so I decided to take a shower I went to my bathroom and turn on the water and Waited till it heated up while taking of my pj's then  I stepped in. 

When I was done I took my green towel and dry my self and then wrapped it around my body. I went out of my bathroom and opened my closet I decided to go with a light blue cropped top and a white skater skirt and decided to got with my white converse.

I went back to my bathroom brush my natural curl brunette with blonde highlights hair and let it be natural. I put on some mousse and opened my make-up bag. I went with light make-up. I put some blush, mascara, eyeliner, some white eye make-up and some girly pink lipstick and I was done.

I went downstairs and my sister Gabriella  was awake. She's 17.  Shes the best sister ever. She has an amazing boyfriend called Louis. He's so cool. My sister goes to my school. Gabriella was wearing a no sleeve black shirt that had a white infinity sign and a pair of high-wasted shorts. With some black converse.

So she was making breakfast for our little brother Aiden.  He's 4. 

"Morning sis" I said in a good mood.
"Morning" she said while taking the toast out of the toaster.
"So are we stopping at Starbucks?" I asked.
She nodded. 
"But first we have to drop Aiden at school" she said while placing Aiden on the table. "I still need to feed Aiden and do my hair and make-up" she said
"Hey don't worry I'll feed him while you do your make-up and hair" I said while taking a seat beside Aiden. 
"Thanks sis" she said. I nodded while she went upstairs. 

When my sister finished. I was washing Aiden's  plate. she went downstairs and had a light make-up and a messy fishtail braid.

"Did you make Aiden's lunch?" I asked
"Oh my god I forgot!" She said
"It's ok I'll make it" I said

"Hey Aiden" I started "What would you like on your lunch?" 

"I wont a shandwishh" he said with a baby voice
"Ok baby boy" I said and headed to the kitchen.

When we were done I went upstairs to Aiden's  room. That he literally never uses cuz he always sleep with me or Gabriella. So I took his backpack and headed to my room grabbed my purse and my phone. The I headed downstairs. 

We decided to go on Gabriella's car. She had a white Porsche and I had a red Mini Cooper with 4 doors.

I opened Gabriella's back door and place Aiden on his car sit. I went all the way around while Gabriella turned on the engine. I placed Aiden's backpack on the trunk and then went to the passenger seat. 

When we got to Aiden's  Pre-School. I got him out of the car and took his backpack. I entered him to school sign the papers that told that he was present. 

I went back to the car and we headed to the Starbucks in front of school where we were supposed to meet Louis and Fabi. She's my sisters best friend.

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