Can't hide it



11. The journey


I woke up suddenly as we hit some turbulence. I looked down my row to find Niall and Liam leaning on each other's shoulders fast asleep. It was quite cute really. 

I decided seeing as I was awake I might as well go and find this second room Liam told me about. Probably should tell my Dad I made it onto the plane seeing as I hadn't seen him since the airport. 

I stood up slowly and looked at the row behind, Zayn was asleep leaning against the window and Louis was opposite lying along the sofa. 

The row behind them was Harry. As I walked down the aisle I saw that he wasn't asleep, but on his phone with headphones in. He didn't even acknowledge me as I walked past.  

I approached a door in front of me as it slide open and reviled an identical room to the one I had been in before. There were 3 men plus my Dad spend out over the 3 sofa's.

"Ah Maddy, I was hoping to see you soon," My Dad smiled. "Sorry i ran off int he airport, I'm guessing you made it onto the plane okay," He laughed.

"Yeah I'm fine," I replied.

"Well you were actually meant to sit in this room but I guess your doing that whole teenage ignore your Dad for being an arse thing, so please continue," He said quickly. 

"Don't worry I will," I smiled. 

I turned on my heel quickly walking out of the room and letting the door close behind me. I walked back down the aisle looking at everyone to see if anyone had woken up. Harry was still awake, but still engrossed in his phone. 

I sat back down in my seat plugging my headphones into my ears and playing some soft music as I tried to catch a few more hours of sleep before we landed. 


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