Can't hide it



5. Awkardness


I walked downstairs a few hours later and I could still hear voices from the living room. My Dad said he had a lot of planning to do to get get for the tour, but the boys had almost been sat in my living room all day. I didn't really want to face them again, being the awkward person I am, so I guess that meant no TV for me today.

I walked into the kitchen to get a snack to find one of the boys having a drink.

"Sorry," I said, as I turned around and walked out.

"You can come in you know," He replied.

"Thanks," I smiled. Why was I so awkward?

"You know it's your kitchen?" He questioned, raising his eyebrow.

"Technically it's my Dad's," I replied.

I stared at him awkwardly as he just stood there.

"So are you joining us on the tour?" He asked.

"Yes, I mean, I think so. If it's ok with you guys, I mean, it's your tour, not mine. I don't want to be intruding or anything," I rambled on without realising. 

The boy infront of me chuckled.

"I'm sorry I'm so awkward around people," I laughed, bringing my hands up to my face to cover my cheeks which were burning up.

"I like you Maddy, your funny," He smiled. "You are more than welcome on tour with us," He smiled.

"Just to make things more awkward, can I ask what your name is?" I said slowly.

"Liam," He smiled, holding out his hand.

I shock it quickly, before he left the kitchen. 

Maybe this tour wouldn't be so bad. 



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