Up all night

Abbie, Nailea, Joy, Latcian and Diana meet there favorite celebs each member of one direction has a crush in each girl but who likes who ? Read to find out


1. Meeting 1D

"Abbie" said a familiar voice! Was it zayn? Obviously not she hadn't met them...YET today with her friends she was going to meet


Abbie!! Wake up you potatoe" said Nailea, oh it was Nailea she could tell by her voice.

Abbie slowly and quietly walked to the bathroom. Tip toe, tip toe, tip- "Abbie's up, quick to the bathroom" before you could say one direction all four girls rushed to the bathroom, smartly, Abbie jumped in and used her diary lock as a lock.

What should I do first? Thought Abbie, she could get her clothes out from her secret storage in the bathroom or she could get her hair out if the way.

Abbie chose a I love one direction T with dimonties on it and she chose some white shorts, she put up her hair into a fishtail plat and confidently walked out the bathroom.

2 hours later they were all dressed and ready to meet their idols. Nailea was wearing love me one direction tshirt with black shorts an Mia was wearing a Niall love me top, joy had a plain white tee on and on the back it said one direction rule. And Leticiam was wearing a little black dress in it.

They were all ready to go.

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