A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


6. 6



It's been 4 hours since the shooting and the doctor just now telling me everything that is wrong she is good for visitors until 12:00 that's when surgery is gonna take place once he left us there we piled in the elevator going up to her room the elevator stopped and  we walked to her room. We walked in in and she was laying there peacefully seeing her like that made me want to cry.

~1 hour later~


Everyone went to go grab something to eat. I turned on the tv to drown out my thoughts I squeezed her hand half expecting her to squeeze back but she didn't. I let go standing up and looking down at her when I saw her eyes flutter open showing her beautiful green eyes i smiled wide and held her hand she squeezed my hand I watched as tears stream but these tears were red I ran to the door and called a doctor I was scared I didn't know what was going on . The doctor came in and explained that bullet broke off into pieces causing everything to shift so her eyes are basically blocked by bone he said but once the surgery is done everything should come back down like normal and he would give us some eye and ear drops to clear everything I checked what time it was and it was 11:00 the guys have been gone 2 hours I called them and they said they were walking up to the door now. They walked in and Bella and Kylie walked up to her and hugged she gave them a confused look and asked me who just hugged her. I whispered in her ear and she gave them an apologetic look and all of them looked at me confused asking what happened. I walked of the room and they followed close behind I explained the vision issue to them when her door slowly opened and she walked out asking why did we leave I told her just to go lay back down. When a doctor said it was time for her operation.


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