Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


26. We



We had to dance wedding waltz. Neither Harry nor I had been practising on it, so he wasn't sure. I knew how we could do it and smiled at him. 
"One, two, three!" I whispered. "Count it all the time. At three you go up on your toes and you just follow me." 
Harry blushed and nodded. He came into my arms and took his arm around my shoulders, with the other he took my hand. I held him around the waist and we heard a song began. 
"One, two, three!" he counted all the time but quiet. I could do nothing but laugh and I was impressed that he still managed it. Harry linked and started to enjoying the moment. 
"So now are we just we?" 
I nodded and held my arm tighter around his waist. 
"So we leave this when we danced?" 
Harry nodded a little weak. 
"To the hotel?"
I didn't need to say any more. Harry wanted the same thing and we were tired of all the people.


We had no wedding bouquet, but Liam ordered out some flowers. We stood with our back to all singles and threw it together over our head to them. To my great surprise, Zayn got the bouquet, and he blushed instantly. 
"I must have a girl fist?" 
I grinned at him, 
"She's probably she's on her way into your life?" 
He held the flowers and nodded weakly.





We had a luxury room at the hotel. It was one of the hotel's suites and staff had prepared everything. There were chilled champagne, rose petals scattered on the bed and a welcome basket for the newly married couple. 


Louis chose to start dressing of us and he backed me up against the bed. I don't know who was the fastest, but we landed on the bed and spun around in rose petals. Louis kissed me so hard and I felt every part of him wanted me. I giggled lightly and ended up over him. 
"You're fast?" 
Louis smiled and moaned lightly. 
"Harry, I want you." 
I pulled my hands through his hair and stroked his head gently. 
"You have me already?" 
Louis nodded with satisfaction and spread his legs. I felt our boner met each other and directly he moaned loudly. 
"Don't tease me!"




We became famous and everyone seemed to accept that we were gay. I don't know what fate had for the role in my life, but somewhere I felt that this was just one of the many ways that I have chosen. Many times we talked about X-factory and if it had played a role if all five had gone there? Perhaps we had become a group, but we had become great in our own way. I'm sure that Louis had knocked through as a solo artist and maybe that I had met him, anyway? Liam talked many times about that he had participated only once, but Simon had said he was too young. We laughed and said he's the only one who still dared. The rest of us are cowards and we chosen't to even go there. I have no idea what had happened to me, but at the same time I don't care.


We were known in England, and soon spread our music across Europe. We ended up in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy and in the end we ended up in the U.S.. It was as if the world just lay there waiting for us. We were known as the guys who played through the You Tube. We were the ones who had the most hits on our videos and we got a great bunch of fans following us. Many rumors went around my and Louis relationship, but we chose to lie low. We had each other and nothing else was important.







This was an idea how it could be if the guys didn't went through X-factory. It's just a story, but many times I have wondered how the world would look like? Perhaps they had met each other yet? Perhaps none of them had become known. Nevertheless, I hope that they will always make music for us. I love them with all my heart.

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