Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


2. Introductions, Threats and a New Friend

After an intense row, Tony was sent to the corner where Clint made sure he stayed. While Bruce did some medical checks on the new arrival. Fury, Pepper, Rhodey and the rest of the Avengers went to the meeting room to discuss how to deal with Tony's great idea. Jarvis broke the ice. "I checked the documentation Miss Potts, It's completely legal. Sir, while being a complete idiot, actually didn't cut any corners." "Pepper, while I disagree with what Tony's done, He said he wouldn't want to mess up any kid, so by adopting her, he made sure that the kid likes him and that he is a good match with her, besides Pep. You need another friend, I can't be around all the time" Tasha said, She knew what it was like to be an orphan, and besides, Pepper needed someone to talk to who wasn't a worker, Avenger, machine or boyfriend. "Alright, fine, she can stay, but, you all need to stay here, at least until she gets settled, she'll be seeing a lot of you guys after all.

They agreed, the Avengers would be staying at Stark Towers, with Fury checking in on them regularly. That was when Tony was relinquished from the corner and Bruce finished his checks. Their reactions were all mixed. "WHAT! OH MY GOD! JARVIS! POPTARTS! WEAPONRY! ALCOHOL! FOOD! GET AS MUCH AS THE TOWER CAN HOLD!" Tony yelled as he ran out to secure his labs and armours. "Cool, a student for me to teach the ways of the archer to!" Clint said while jumping up and down like a hyper schoolgirl. "Alright, I suppose that'll be fine, so long as she'll be secure when the other guy makes an appearance" Bruce answered nervously, the others agreed, when he made an appearance, She would be the first into the safe room.

That was when Tony strolled in once more like the Rich Swag God he was, followed by the girl. Pepper went over first;

"Hey sweetie, I'm Pepper, That's Rhodey, Director Fury and these are the Avengers, that's Tony; Your father, Thor, Clint, Steve, Bruce and Natasha" she said, gesturing to the appropriate person in turn while they waved. "Now what's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Rockelle Vida Alix Stark, But call me Rocki, not "Sweetie" or any other girly-girl names you people can come up with." she answered with clear confidence, sarcasm and a hint of superiority in her tone. she was challenging them to say something mocking. And Tony never turned down a challenge, no matter how small or stupid. "Well sweetie pumpkin I think your name is just wonder-Ack!" He was cut off by Rocki yanking him down to her level by his collar. "Listen here, Stark never call me that or any other mocking thing that you can think of, or so help me God. I will not hesitate to end you. Got It?" Growled Rocki, she was met with a very quick nod, which was answered by her letting go of him. She then strolled out of the room, they all got the message, They could pull pranks with the kid, but mockery would not go well.

"So Rocky huh? I think I like her already!" Natasha said with a smile and a spunky tone, anyone who could put Stark in his place with one threat, was a friend of hers and besides, everyone needs friends right?

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