Play with fire

I could take you out for dinner, but he could take you around the world and buy you anything. But we all know that I'm the one for you.


1. New chapter

t was Friday, like every other Friday Niall and I went to a club; the kind I hate with all those dicks thinking they can get any girl they want. 
The club was colored a sleek black with neon red accents, and fancy stuff. 
I was wearing a black long dress with cutouts, my blond curly hair in a high ponytail. And a bold statement necklace. 

"Sabrina,what do you want?" Niall asked as we sat in the bar area. 

"Some thing sweet." I look at him handsome as always. He had a cute cream colored sweater on and slim black jeans.

"Is that the sweater I bought?" I wiggle my brows playfully, it was the sweater I gifted him for his 24 birthday, which was 3 weeks before. 

"Yeah! It's very soft, and I look hot in it!" Cocky old Niall. 

"Well that I agree." I smile at him, as he goes to order the drinks. I take a look around the club; the sound of music moving thousands of people. as I spot a familiar face, oh no; Liam was coming my way, I got a little light headed from seeing his face. 

"Sabrina?" Liam's soft tone speaks, it's almost as seeing a movie. How could he dare talk to me. I look around for Niall, but I could not find him.

"Sabrina I was looking for you for too long, I-" I cut him off. 

"Liam pleas, just leave me. I really don't want to see anyone from her family. And I'm sorry, but you're-" he plays the same move and cuts me off. 

"I'm Her EX step brother, who you only talked to twice. You know I never supported her." he holds my hand tightly. 

"Look at me." Liam says softly, then adds "Vicky is a bitch and I'm nothing like her"

Vicky and I were best friends, we went to every class together, and she used to come to my house almost everyday.
Well what that bitch was doing was fucking my dad and going out with him, with out me knowing. And they got married on her 21 birthday. 
Which was last year. 
What happened is at the age of 17 when I knew all about it; I ran away with Niall who was 19 back then, we came to London and started working. I don't even think my dad noticed that I'm gone. 
If you are a little confused now, Vicky and I are 22, Liam is 20 years old and, Niall is 24, so that all happened five years ago. 

"Are you studying in London?" I ask trying to change the subject. 

"Yeah, I'm studying at queen Mary." He gives me one of his famous smiles.

"Oh my god! I study there!" I smile back. His smile gets bigger.

"What are you up to? A movie star or even better a model?" He asks me, with a glow in his eyes that sends my heart to my knees .

"Non of that,I'm going to be Landscape artist, what are up to?" I speak with the same tone he asked me with. 

"An Elementary Teacher" could he get any better?

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