Lizza Mayers child killer

An attorney by the name of Lizza Mayers hides in Bendadick Nebraska where she seduces young men like Jer Wezzel & helps him steal his two sons. No one really knows why children disappear but she has the craving of young blood. At night she helps Jer figure out his legal issues not knowing that his sons will soon become her dinner. Jer lives in North Dakota & decides on one winters night to leave his children with Lizza. At night she kills both of the children with one slice to the neck. Jer calls & she tells him that they have disappeared. He comes back on the next flight. That night she prepares him a steak dinner. He is heart broken & can't understand what happened. As he eats his dinner, drinks a little to much. As he falls off his chair, he realizes that he can't breath. He tries to dial the emergency line & falls dead to the ground. That night she cuts him up & saves him for a special Jewish occasion.


1. Getting rid of the evidence.

  She had never seen her adoption records because out of fear her adopted father hid her paper work knowing she was related to one of the most ruthless men in the world. She found out through the drivers license agency that she was indeed the daughter of Fidel Castro on her mothers side she was a Fioravanti. Everything else was just lies told to her by her step mother. Lost & confused she decided to start a family of her own only to have one tragedy after another start. Jose Aman her first love who was 10 years her senior. Her first sexual partner so she thought. The night of the marriage she went to bed with him only to find out that she was not a virgin. She had been raped as a child yet no one told her anything. Heart broken & sad she just could not understand what had happened. She went on to live life as she knew how. Only to have the life she wanted a daughter & son. WIthin a short couple of years the children were murdered by their father.  She left to Europe to get a procedure done to help her forget the pain & agony. Never to remember the faces of her beautiful family.  Seven years later she fell in love by force. She was pregnant & did not want to bring a child into the world without a commitment that turned tragic. Jer Wezzel the whiney butt from Denver Colorado & Lizza Mayers the child killer came into the picture in 2010. She loved Jewish blood & could not help herself around small children. The mother of his children sent out an email to everyone that would help her find her kidnapped children. The letter went out to all attorneys in the Nebraska area. Yet no one would help this adoptee find her children.   I was told that my x was dating an attorney in Bendadick Nebraska a town of 300. When I went to look for an attorney in the area non would help me. No one could locate my x or children for three years. I then called the FBI & was told that I would have to file missing children report in Colorado. No one would file it without a divorce.  WHen I served him Jer (case 2013DR2602) he finally called then told me that we were already divorced & that his girlfriend also got him full custody. That I would have to go to bendadick nebraska to see them. A town known for putting strangers in shallow graves. He was able to buy a house & left me in debt with our sons birth among other things. Like not paying child support for the year that I had the kids (all documents posted on UTUBE). When my job minimized I lost my job, then with no support ended up having to go to a homeless shelter in Denver, while I worked toward getting back on my feet. I finally told him to get the boys after failing health due to stress & not having income. Biggest mistake of my life because he disappeared with the boys. His girlfriend the lawyer got him child support & I still haven't seen any documents to support his claim. And what is sad Is I still don't know if my children are still alive. What are  your thoughts.   

I need to find a leader who can put a stop to parental kidnapping in our country.

She had no idea that the woman who was Jer's attorney had not only killed him but murdered he precious little children. She went down every ave. knowing that if she the chance to get into the town of Bendadick Nebraska that there would be no way to get out. The town was full of the worst type of murderer's in the world. The 300 bitter souls that would devour fresh blood in a second. 

There was a rumor that the town would butcher children & unwed mothers. Then sell them to the unsuspecting stores worldwide. People not even realizing it would be eating missing people going back as far as 8 years. Serving people at restaurants missing people. 

A scary thought to think that we are eating people & have no idea. After loosing the cattle they had no choice but to slaughter anyone who would never be suspect of missing. 

One night the mother of the children received an invitation to a concert. The letter addressed from Bendadick  Nebraska. She knew who it was from. Instead of going she sent the invitation to a man of importance. He went & never returned. This popular individual went missing & everyone noticed.....


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