Give ME Love

Niall Horan, the typical school bad boy. Then there's Pira the typical good girl. But this isn't the typical story where the bad boy falls for the good girl, it's a bit more than that.


1. Chapter One

I quickly threw on a pair of black tna leggings, and sky blue full sleeve off the shoulder shirt, combat boots, and my gray beanie. I had curled my hair last night and all I had left to do was my makeup.

"8:45" my clock flashed in bright red colors. Quickly grabbing my bag and phone I ran down the stairs, I grabbed a slice of toast as I headed out the door.

The weather outside was gorgeous, not too cold. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze. I plugged in my earphones and listened to some music as  I walked to school.

I made it to school just before the first bell. I quickly gathered my things from my locker and ran to class. Surprisingly, I made it to class before the first bell. 

I sat down beside one of my best friends Micaela in first period which was English. The teacher soon came in just as Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson did.

They were 2/5 of "The Five" as we called them. "The Five" included, Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. They were the most popular kids in my school, they were big time bad asses. I wouldn't call them "players". They aren't really seen with any girls plus Liam is dating one of my other friends Alex. To think that I used to be super close with them. But high school came around and they abandoned me.

My first two classes were long and tiring but I had managed to listen to everything that the teachers said.

Soon lunch came around. I decided to pack my own lunch yesterday night since the cafeteria food was crappy.

"PIRAAAAAA" I heard a loud voice scream, I turned to Alex who was waving me over.

As I reached them she said "We're going to eat outside, want to come?"

I nodded before following them outside. Almost everyone was outside. I groaned in frustration. How were we supposed to find a seat in this crowd?

My thoughts were cut short as I heard a voice yell "Al baby".

Of course it was Liam calling Alex. I actually didn't mind him. He was super sweet to Alex and loved her a lot, but that didn't mean I talked to him. As you would guess, most girls eyed Alex enviously.

We went to sit down on the bench and Liam gave Alex a sweet kiss. I sighed mentally. They were so cute together. I wish I could find someone like Liam. He was amazing.

I didn't mind us sitting together until he came to sit beside me.

The blonde, blue-eyed heartbreaker.

The boy who stole my heart.

They boy who I was in love with.

Until of course he left me.

(A/N: So what do you guys think of this story? Should I keep on writing? It will get better, I promise. I'll update as soon as I can x)

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