Harry Potters secret

Harry Potter has a secret.He has been in hidding for many years. And when he has a baby girl things get complicated. Lord Voldemort also had a daughter who was ten times more powerful. When Lilly's parents were murdered like her father's she survied as a baby. Now when she finds out shes a Witch things become complicated. And also putting lives on the line.


9. getting the supplies

shortly after we walked out we turned into a dad end street and went into a shop."here put this on."Sam said handing m a head band.i sipped it on over my scar."there people wont star now."have you looked at your self in the mirror lately?i looked in the mirror.my long blue hair went down to my but,my eyes were as blue as the ocean.no. i replied honesty. Sam said "come on its getting late."first we went to get my wand.hello,i am bubblegum"said the wand maker.hello i replied.i tried many wands,finally i found the right one."Ah,unicorn hair,10 inches,holly wood very nice..."i payed and we got my,robes,books,cauldron,and the rest of the stuff i needed.then we went to get my pet.chose what you like said Sam.a box caught my eyes.it was wiggling around i opened it inside were two puppies.i brought them up to the store owner.these two  please.why these two?he said rudely.why not?i said back what were you gong to do with them.kill them for fur said the store owner.i gasped.ill take both please with two cages.he put the in the cages witch looked very comfy.i payed and we walked out and sat down.one was golden the other brown.i gasped.the golden one changed blue and the brown one changed light sparkly blue.they do that when there with there forever owners.come on i dint notice it was so late will miss the train.we raced of tored the station.

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