Harry Potters secret

Harry Potter has a secret.He has been in hidding for many years. And when he has a baby girl things get complicated. Lord Voldemort also had a daughter who was ten times more powerful. When Lilly's parents were murdered like her father's she survied as a baby. Now when she finds out shes a Witch things become complicated. And also putting lives on the line.


1. aurthor note

hi,this is my first movellas!i hope you guys are exited as i am!so i am atttempting to write one chapter a week.this may not happen becouse just like evryone ulse i have homeworks and sports or whatever.so sometimes it make take longer.im doing a compittin to who wants to be lillys(harrys kid) best friend!just enter uder comments the fowling.


what house your in




anthing ulse you think ill need to know

ill try to do that ASAP.all right so here is the book!!!

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