A Last Goodbye


1. A last goodbye (time to go)

I am writing this with tears falling from my eyes, 
animosity towards my ego and self-esteem, 
a solemn thought I thought through more than twice, 
but sadly this is not a dream! 

Cherishing the temptous memories we made, 
treasuring the invalauble stories we cried
apologising for the temper that for so long you ate, 
but our love have gone without no sight! 

Absurd moments lived and spended with pleasure-
unimaginative deeds who walked us through a park, 
dreams unfufilled, but still a treasure- 
a glimpse of light that led us into the dark.

Parched fantasies who had never been soaked, 
versatality died and hope went all in vain, 
breath ponderously and choked,

happiness condoning me with extreme pain.

Summer, winter, authumn and now it's spring
vowing to a matrimonial-love that proved to be hard: 
let's be joyous and dance and sing
to memories made and time that we will eternally spend apart..

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