Let's Runaway [Complete-Short Story]

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  • Published: 19 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
Mara Hope is different then most people. All she does is runaway. One day when she gets angry and annoyed from all the arguing her parents cause, she runs away only to land in the hospital. Three hours later she awakes to see the big terrifying green eyes of her parents and she knows if she doesn't escape she will be abused...again. She runs out of the hospital and into the rain. She soon comes across, One Direction, a band she barely knew existed. Will they be able to transform this terrified 11 year old or will she remain in the shadows of darkness? [Short Story] © 2014-Idle_Hours


1. Introduction

Hello. My name is Mara Hope, yet I have no hope at all that my life will get better. I am eleven years old and I am from California, but two months ago we moved to London.


By "we" I mean my abusive, and selfish parents. They don't love me and they abuse me everyday. They won't allow me to go to school so I am kind of unknown to the world and I don't know the world either. I don't know the latest trends and music and it was the same way in California. I've always been shielded from the world and I hate it. They are always watching me. 


My mom, Carey Ly, hates me and my father. My Father, John Hope, hates me and my mother. They always argue even if it is the smallest thing as " you take to long to make breakfast", a well brought up argument topic, that my father brings up all the time. My parents, however, both agree on one thing and that is they both hate me and love to hurt me. It's cruel, I know.

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