Story Of My Life

Rachel and Rebecca Mendes grew up as almost normal 14.year old twins.They were just rejoined with their big brother Shawn Mendes,who were separated after their parents divorcee,and moved in with Shawn and their mom in North Carolina.Living normal life's again with perfect boyfriends and friends and family,just to have it taken away in a tragic accident that causes one to forget everything after he dad's death and leaving the other one her death bed.Will they be reunited with their family friends and boyfriends?Will one remember who she fell in love with?Will one finally leave the hospital?


1. Our Beginning

Authors Note:

Hi chickens!Jk.It's me again Luvbug00 and I'm here again writing an amazing Fan Fiction of One Direction and Magcon Boys!!But I'm not writing it alone!!ReBizier,is writing with me!!!We are close Friends and I came up with this idea and she agreed 100% and we shared ideas and then this amaZayn(haha get it)book was born.We will be taking turns writing and ya it's gon be good!!Bye turtles!~Luvbug00

Chapter One:

~Rachel's P.O.V~

This is my beginning,well mine and my twin sister's,Rebecca Mendes.Yes our brother is Shawn Mendes.Ya the one with the amazing voice,thousands of fans,and the one that was separated from me and my sister when our parents split up.He got to choose to go with my mom and they just put us with our dad.My sister and I cried for a week,but we stopped because our dad would get mad at us.I miss Shawn and my mom,I never chose this life and neither did my sister.

~Rebecca's P.O.V~

We were separated from our family and me and Rachel only had each other we were attached by the hip(not literally).Our Dad would be gone all day and come back drunk at night.We lived in a small apartment in Texas,as my Mom and Shawn lived in North Carolina.Me and Rachel shared a room and sometimes at night she cried herself to sleep and some nights I did.Our father did abuse us daily and we tried to escape only to be caught and beaten again.We had no school because our father didn't trust us.Everything was going bad for us till we woke up to a loud bang,we went into the living room to find our dad laying on the floor with a bottle in his hand and no heartbeat.We didn't even cry we were relieved and free.We called 911 from the neighbors phone because there was no phone in our house.

Later on the cops came and brought us to the police station asked what happened.We told them everything even the abusing.We are fourteen and barley had cloths.Only sweat shirts and raggedy shorts,no shoes.Hours later Our mom came and all we could do was cry.

~Rachel's P.O.V~

Our Mom brought us to get new clothes first and then to North Carolina.When we got there I ran up to Shawn and cried in his arms,I missed him so much.I was soon pushed away so Rebecca could hug him and cry.Our house was the normal size of a house,but big for us.We both had our own rooms witch was weird and our own bathrooms.We both showered and I put on my new ripped jeans and cross crop top and a big red beanie.We were really skinny because we were starved and we had long curly blonde hair.Rebecca ended up wearing the same thing as me just not on purpose.

We had dinner and me and Rebecca ate quickly as our mom and Shawn stared at us weirdly."He starved us,we didn't eat for months.But we were given water."I said looking at the floor crying and Rebecca did the same.Mom came over and hugged us.The rest of the night was boring,Rebecca went to her room to unpack.

I heard singing going on so I walked out side to find Shawn singing,"Say something"he showed it to us earlier.Somehow I remembered the chores.I sat down next too him,"Say something,I'm giving up on you"I sang with hin.

"Wow,I see you still have a great voice!Does Rebecca still?"he asked.

"Thanks and Rebecca stopped singing when we were separated."I answered.When were we together,the three of us would always sing together and people would love us.Rebecca stopped because she would get upset.

"Oh."he said dissapointed.

~Rebecca's P.O.V~

I was up stairs in packing then I went to bed.

~Next Day~

I put on dark skinny jeans,black crop top and braided my hair.I walked out to the hallway and Rachel was wearing the same jeans but was wearing a crop top with a heart on it and a black beanie,she loves beanies.I walked downstairs and had cereal."Hey you guys want to meet my friends and the neighbors tomarrow?"Shawn asked us.

"Yes!!"Rachel said without hesitation.There was a knock at the door and Rachel went to go open it.

~Rachel's P.O.V~

I went to go open the door.When I opened it I seen a boy about Shawn's age,with blue eyes and brown hair.He had on a black beanie like me on,tan pants,and a white and blue stripped shirt.I didn't notice that my mouth was open,"You're gonna catch flies."He said laughing showing his perfect teeth.I quickly closed my mouth."I'm Nash."he said witch made me like him more because of his southern accent.

"Rachel who's her-...oh I see you meet Nash!"Shawn said.i didn't answer and kept looking at Nash."Somebody likes you,Nash!"he said mockingly.

"Shut up!"I yelled punching Shawn.Nash smiled at me.We walked into the living room and sat on the couch and they started to talk.

~Rebecca's P.O.V~

I heard Shawn say Rachel liked some one.I walked into the living room."So who does Rachel likes?"I said and seen a cute boy sitting in the chair across from the couch."Oooooo he's cute."I said nudging Rachel.

Forgetting he was in the room she said,"I know right!!Shit did I just say that out loud!"

"Ya you did and you're cute too and wow twins."he said.She started to blush and to hide it she pulled out her phone that mom just got us.I grabbed her phone and threw it to the boy.

"Now you guys can have each others number!"I said.we watched him put his number in her phone and tossed it back to her."Wanna take a walk Rachel?"

"Sure!"She said.

We walked out the house and down the street I was texting my mom and telling her about Rachel's crush even though I didn't know what his name was.Rachel was texting him because she kept blushing.I was reading a text from mom when I was knocked down to the ground.Rachel stared at me but her phone went off and she started to type again.I hand was in my face when I looked straight again I garbed it and the person helped me up off the ground.When I got up I noticed it was a boy a couple years older than us,curly hair,tattoos going up his arm ,and a bright smile."Sorry love,didn't see you there."he said.Now Rachel was paying attention because his English accent."I'm Harry!"

"Um....hi... I'm ummm...."I stopped talking and stared at him.

"Her name is Rebecca and I'm Rachel her sister."Rachel answered for me.

"I can tell you guys look alike, twins,I never meet twins."he said.

I laughed with a creepy laugh and Rachel stared at me again"Sorry."I said looking down.

"It's ok love,you have an amazing laugh!"he said.

"Hey here's payback,Rebecca!"she said interrupting the moment and pulling my phone out of my pocket and handing it to him."Harry I think she wants your number!"she said grinning at me.He put his number in my phone and giving it back to me.

"Here you go love,you better text me later,bye!"he said.

"Bye and I will!"I yelled as he walked away.

"Somebody's in love!!"she mocked.

"Well you are too."I mocked back.this day couldn't get any better.Our life's are getting back on track!!

Authors note:

I know it's kinda short but I'm kinda busy and ReBizier will be writing the next chapter!!I hope you like it and comment and all the good stuff!!!Peace my frogs!!!

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