I'm His Best Friend

Hey, I'm Harry Styles best friend. Have been for 6 years since we met in year 7. He knows everything about me just as I know everything about him; but apparently he wants to be more then friends, says my best friend kelly. I don't know how to bring it up to him. I only want to be friends.


1. Why would u think that?

11:53 pm



Kelly's House

My PVO/Tobi's PVO

"Do you really think he likes me more then he used to?"

"Absolutely, you should see the way he looks at you"

"That's not true Kelly; he would tell me"

"Would he Tobi? Would he?"

I stare at Kelly with interest.

"So your saying that Harry would embarrass himself to tell you he wants to be more then friends just for you to turn him down as his choice?"

"Ok when you say it like that. He wouldn't" I drown out of the conversation.

"Look Tobi. Don't be upset. Billions of girls around the world would want to be in your-"

"Position! I know! But they would all say yes."

"Just talk to him Tobi".


"What if your wrong?" I poked Kelly in the back.

No answer.

I poked her again...

No answer.

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