Yes, She Is Yours

Jen and Harry meet in last year of school and have a great relationship but unfortunately Jen has to move again, not knowing she is pregnant with Harry's child and breaks her phone soon after leaving losing all contact with Harry until nearly 3 years later when there baby is two Jen goes back to Holmes Chapel and finds Harry and tries to explain


1. New School

Jennifer's POV

Again I started a new school, I was never at a school for long as my parents were constantly moving house around the country, to do with my dad's work. Mum brought me to my new school as always and I was now in my last year of school, year 11, despite how much I moved school I still ended in the top class of all my lessons as I have to admit I liked to learn and taught myself at home a lot. I loved moving school as much as I did though, I met so many new people, had some really good friends and some I still speak to now, I had only ever had two boyfriends so I try not to get involved with them now as I will only end up moving again.

Once I finally got to school with my mum she took me to the office and the office lady took me to my new class, it was maths, I walked in and sat down next to some guy as it was the only seat left in the class, when the teacher did the register I soon found out his name was Harry, he had brown hair pulled back with a bandana and really nice green eyes, he was wearing a black top with some black jeans with a few tattoos which I could see.

I looked at him with a smile "Hello, I'm Jen"

He smiled back at me "Hello beautiful"

I looked down and blushed "So... Maths..."

"Who cares, we are in top set, and I am sitting next to a really hot girl" he winked

I blushed again "I need to keep my grades up" I got on with the work the teacher set

"Well okay then" Harry smiled

After the first two lessons finished I was quite happy as we had double maths and it felt like it went on forever, as I was new and had no friends I just went over to my locker and leant against it waiting for the next lesson.

Harry followed me and I didn't know until he came up to me and leant against the locker next to me and looked over at me.

"Want to go on a date tonight?" Harry looked at me smiling showing his dimples to me for the first time, making me fall in love with that smile.

I looked at him and smiled "Alright" I smiled again and saved my number to his phone before walking away from him and off to my next lesson.

*after school*

Harry's POV

I got out my phone to send a text.

To: Jen

Hey beautiful it's Harry, I'll pick you up in an hour from yours, what's your address? Xx -H

After she replied to me and told me her address I got changed into some smarter clothes and booked a table at a restaurant, once it had been an hour I got my car keys and walked out my house and got into my car and drove to Jen's address, I got out of the car and up to her house. She answered looking amazing, her hair tied up, wearing a sexy black dress and high heels. I took her hand and lead her over to my car helping her in getting after helping her and driving to the restaurant.

Once at the restaurant I held her hand guiding her to our table, pulling out her chair so she can sit down, after she sat down I went to the other side of the table and sat down myself then got a menu and started looking at it and deciding to get a coke and spaghetti and then asked Jen who said she want the same, I waited till the waiter came up and asked what we wanted, I told him and soon after he gave us our meal, we spoke a lot during the meal and went for a walk along the beach for two hours until it got dark.

Jennifer's POV

I loved this date, it was amazing I loved everything about it, the clothes, restaurant, walk, beach, but most of all Harry, I know I had only just met him but there was something about him and I just couldn't help but like him so much, I was quite upset when it got dark as it meant it was time for Harry to take me home and I just wanted to stay with him, but we both got into his car him being a gentleman by opening my door and closing it for me once I was in and drove me home. He even got out of the car to walk me to the door where we said our goodbyes and he gave me a kiss, the kiss was amazing, his lips so nice to feel against mine, it gave me butterflies and left me speechless not know what to say.

"I'll see you soon then?" Harry looked at me with hope in his eyes.

"Of course!" I looked at him, smile and kissed him on the cheek before walking into my house and then Harry got into his car and went home.

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