Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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1. It's Only The Beginning

Hello guys, this is a new fan fiction  that I'm writing. Previously, there had been other chapters, but I deleted them and am starting over again. So hopefully this will be better? There will be a short beginning note and a longer ending one. Sometimes only a quick 'Hey! Here's the next chapter!' will be the beginning note. Post your questions in the comment section (: Now, here's the first chapter...

Sofie Davidson - Chapter One


I walked through the boring halls of my school, ignoring the glances from other people as I passed. Let's just say that I'm not very popular at this school. I have only one friend. Her name's Emily.

Speaking of Emily, where is she? My dark eyes scanned the crowd before I caught her. She was at her locker, looking at it in disgust. Other people were laughing at her. I jogged up towards her and got a closer look. The front of her was covered in pink silly string, the locker covered with the silly string. "Back off," I snarled at the crowd. "Make me tiger!" I heard a boy shout. I recognized it right away - Ben Smith. He chuckled when he saw that my head had snapped in his direction. "I'll make you." I said, giving him a punch and then running back to Emily. Ben was groaning in pain. The crowd had now cleared since I had punched their male 'leader.' 

Looking at her for a swift second, I put my bag on the ground.  "You okay, Em?" I asked softly. She looked up at me. Her eyes were red and she shook her head. "Can you help clean this up?" She asked. I nodded. "That's what friends are for." I said. She smiled at me. "Best friends." She said. I grinned and agreed.  

I helped her to the bathroom, deciding that we would clean the locker up later. I searched through my bag until I found a cloth. I always keep one since this school is full of pranksters. I soaked it and helped pry the almost-dry silly string.

After her skin was clean, I did her make-up again. This time she had on light blush, gold eye-shadow, and ruby lipstick. I'm not a girly-girl at all. But Emily gave me this stuff if this happened. I'd say I'm way more of a tomboy. 

I went to the bathroom while Emily was taking her clothes off. I came out and then gave her some extra clothes that I had that was hers. You see, we have a extra change of clothing for ourselves and the other person. It's kind of a friend thing.

She put on her white jeans, long pink dress shirt that went down to her mid-thigh that had a white infinity sign on it, and her white DC shoes were now clean.

I helped braid her hair and soon we were done. I realized that we had now skipped the first two periods, but I didn't care. I was helping my best friend.

As we walked out I saw the crowd of students forming over the teachers. I looked the way they were looking to see a man with dead eyes, rotting flesh, a tear in their cheek, barely any hair, and shredded clothing. It was looking at us with bulging eyes, moaning.

"Sir, are you okay?" One of the teachers, Mr. Richards, said softly, putting a hand on the man's back. A moan was it's response. It bit Mr. Richards on his arm and Mr.Richards screamed and tried to swat him away. Soon Mr.Richards was lying on the ground. Then he got up as the teachers were asking him if he was okay. The man was trying to eat Mr. Richards.

"Thank goodness. I thought -" then the other teacher, Mrs. White, screamed, as she was pulled down by Mr.Richards. Everybody's eyes bulged as we realized that this was the beginning of zombie apocalypse. The boys began to push and shove while the girls ran in a group. Emily and I ran towards the door. Moans and groans came from zombies as we hopped in my car. We sped to the highway and caught our breaths. "To my house, okay, Em? We don't have any family but I have a dog." I said. Emily nodded. "I have your clothes there, remember? We were going to have a sleepover..." I trailed off. "So this is happening for real, right?" Emily said softly. "Yeah," I said back in a whisper. Soon the car was parked and we were rushing to get to my house.

We looked at each other as we heard a glass drop inside the house. Emily peered in the window. "Five... I think they are boys." She said.

I then got a closer look and peered in the door. They turned around and I gasped. Emily was about to scream but I covered her mouth. They weren't zombie boys.

They were humans. And they were One Direction.

It's Just The Beginning - The End

Hey guys! Hopefully you all like Chapter One. The next chapter will be coming soon. Enjoy! And if any of you guys are wondering, Emily is on the left of the cover and Sofie on the right. It will be in Emily's point of view the next chapter, then Sofie, then Emily... E.T.C and then even maybe some other people in between that pattern. So, if you guys like this, leave a comment and it will make my day better! Can everybody say 'R.I.P Kimmy' in the comments? She was a massive Directioner who died on December 3rd over cancer. She was a huge fighter. Here are some links so you can get a view of Kimmy. 


Song With Her In It:




Yeah.... :( Well see you in Chapter Two. RIP Kimmy, you were a great Directioner <3




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