Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


7. The journalists ending & Mr.Jones


When we awoke late in the morning I was to vague to prepare breakfast. Carla invited us to her house to have breakfast. At her house Jake was playing with Sugus, the cat. Sugus was too vague to meow when he was being bothered by Jake. Instead Sugus let Jake to tickle him and to make him funny cat jokes.


Jake finished quickly having his toasts with butter and hot milk cup to continue playing with Sugus. Carla was surprised to check by herself that Sugus didn´t bite Jake. Firstly of all Carla advised Jake that Sugus didn´t like strangers. Jake ignored the advice and continued playing. Then Carla and I carried on having breakfast. She told me she was fed up of having journalists asking her about me and my relationship with the Callister family. Carla told me that they had even offered her money to break down her silence. I thanked Carla for not saying anything and told her that I was going to speak with the Channel 4 to solve all.


Jake was sad when I leaved him at his house but also was happy of seeing Jasper. I told Peter my plan and he told me that he would come with me. Therefore we end it up leaving Jake and Jasper at Carla´s house with Sugus in it. Jake insisted that for being alone at their home it was better to be with Sugus therefore we left them at Carla´s.


At Channel 4 offices I asked for a meeting with the manager or the person that took the important decisions there. They told me that I would need to wait for half an hour for Julian, the boss. I told them that I had no time and that I had meetings. At first they were going to ignore me. It was when, one of the journalists realized of who I was. Then they started to record everything I said, ask me questions and to take pictures of Peter. The boss appeared. I knew Julian from sight. I had seen him sometimes on television at important days. Julian told the journalists to carry on working that he would solve my doubts. Peter entered with me to his office because he made me feel braver.


“You have no legal rights to have journalists so many days at my house taking photos and intimidating my neighbors.”


I started the conversation attacking because I wanted to keep firm the objective of taking journalists that surround my house. For my surprise he didn´t opposed. He told me to not worry that he would take them from my house. Then, a famous lawyer came in the room. He started to speak looking at me: “Maia, a pleasure to meet you, I’m Sir´s lawyer.”


“What are you doing here?” Peter told him.


The lawyer started to look at Peter with a strange face. He seemed to try to realize of who Peter was. When he realized that he didn´t knew Peter he started to analyze him loudly: “it´s not difficult to realize that you have a close relationship with Maia. That´s why you came with her, didn´t you?”


“You don´t need any personal details of who this is. So, if you don´t mind can we solve my problem.” I replied the lawyer in an aggressive way.


I laughed to myself because it was really funny the way the lawyer was keeping on trying to know who Peter was.


“Although our journalists will not be at your house anymore this doesn´t mean that they will avoid taking pictures of you if they see you in the streets.” Julian said.


“The next time I feel I’m being spied by whomever I’ll call the justice office to solve my problem.” I told Julian. Then Peter and I stood up thanked them for their time and went.


I wasn´t sure if they had clear enough that I wasn´t going to admit any more journalists but I decided to believe they understood me.


Peter and I went to Carla´s flat and picked up Jake and Jasper. When we were all together we went to BF to buy some sweets. It was all going at a peace paste but I received a call.


“Maia Salinas, correct?”


I didn´t recognize the voice but it was a man. His voice was from an old man. His voice was snore but it had also happy timbres.


“Yes, who am I talking to?”


“Mr. Jones”


When the man told me he was Mr. Jones at first I thought it was a joke. Why would Mr. Jones call me? Why would he be interested in speaking with me? A huge of ideas came all together to my head.


“And what do you want?”


“Interesting question. I don´t know if you´ve realized but I’m doing a casting at Bubble.” I didn´t like the way he had answer me. He answered like in a hypocritical way.


“Yes, but I didn´t present myself to it, so why are you calling me?”


“I´ve been observing students and I think you´re perfect for my movie.”


I started to be nervous. Peter was asking me who it was that called me. Jake was telling me to buy a certain type of sweets. Jasper was staring at me without blinking, he tried to intimidate me, that´s his personal game that practices with every person he knows at least once every week. So, I started to answer Mr. Jones with the first thing that came into my head without thinking it twice.


“I haven´t done any casting to participate in it.”


“I know darling, but wouldn´t it be wonderful to do one to check if I’m not missing a star.”


“I´m not interested, sorry.”


“At least think about it.”


“For what did you say the casting was?”


“For my movie darling, next Monday morning go at break time to the auditions class. I´ll be there waiting for you.”




“No buts.”


I didn´t had time to deny the invitation for the casting. I was shocked. Although lots of teenagers had present to it or either they didn´t had the main characters yet because they didn´t like any student that present it for it or… he had really been observing me and I was the perfect star for his movie. The first person that came into my head was Rebecca. How was I supposed to tell her that Mr. Jones had personally called me to make me participate on the auditions because he thought I could be the star he was looking for?


“Who was it?” Peter told me with a curiosity face.


“I’m not sure if you´ll believe me… but; Mr. Jones”


“Oh, so you finally present it for the cast and they´ve selected you?”


“Mmm, sort of.”


“You hadn´t told me you participated.”


“That´s the weird thing.”


“What´s the weird thing?”


“I didn´t do any casting for it, he has observed me apparently.”


“Seriously? You´re lucky then.”


I guess I should have need to feel lucky but I didn´t. I felt really bad for what Rebecca was going to tell me. I knew that she had putted a lot of effort to get one role in the film. I´m not saying that I´m going to participate on the casting but, should I participate on it? Should I? I started to think about the consequences in case that they got me for the movie. Firstly I would reappear again at Channel 4 and this time I could not stop the journalists being near my house. A positive thing is that I would earn lots of money. The film is going to be filmed in two months. That means… that I would be already brainwashed. In fact there´s only a few weeks until I’m brainwashed. Forgetting about brainwashes, do I want fame? I now sort of know how irritating journalists can be. But, if I earn money that means that I can buy a house with large fenced gardens to avoid the journalists to be near me. Money. Money. Wait? I´m thinking just about money. I should also think about the difficulty of learning a big large script and acting it as real as possible to make a believable film. Nobody would want to watch a film with a bad actress in it. Being an actress it´s not an easy job so I’m not really sure of why Mr. Jones has called me.


“I’m returning home with Jake and Jasper, where are you going now?”


“I need to see Rebecca before making the decision.”


“Rebecca, why?”


“She´s my friend and she wanted the role.”


“I see.”


“I’ll phone you when I make the decision.”


I was already hungry so I bought a vegetarian sandwich with coke at the Vegetarian restaurant. I was going to get the bus to drop me at home but I saw someone that unable me to do so. I thought I knew who it was. He had a red scooter and was looking at me. I wasn´t sure but his body figure seemed similar to Dylan´s. my inner voice told me to go straight and check by myself if Dylan was the rider. I was going to do so but when I decided to a recognizable lady came out of a restaurant and went to the scooter. It was Susan. She putted on a blue helmet like the rider´s one and grabbed his back. Before the scooter went the rider, I clearly saw how Dylan waved his hand on the air.-Bye- I thought.


As I wanted to eat my sandwich alone with no one disturbing me I sat down on a bench and waited until the next bus to pick me up.  I started to think about Dylan. Dylan was really cool. I wished I had had the bicycle accident with him and not his brother Bob.  I was seating down when a handsome boy surely my age sat down next to me. He had a paper on his hand. He was reading it and murmured some things when reading it. He was really concentrated and I think he hadn´t notice I was seating next to him. I looked at him. As he didn´t looked at me I could freely observe his body and face. He had blue eyes and some acne. He had chestnut curled hair. He had light colour skin and big hands. His fingers were long but his nails short. He was thin but had a robust back. He was really pretty. He was prettier than Dylan and Peter. When I was like five minutes observing him without saying anything he started to speak clearly without looking at, just looking at his paper.


“Do you belief in love at first sight?”


He had also a lovely voice. I guess I was thinking loudly because we started a conversation.


“Yes, but I haven´t experience it yet.”


When I had answered he looked at me and said: “Then why have you been looking at me without doing anything?”


“I don´t know; do you think you´re my first love at first sight?”


“I hope too to be so.”


“Why”. I didn´t expect it that answer, he told me he hopped to be my first sight love. Main one. It was weird. In fact I would really have loved to be his one. I really loved his face and body. But, I guess that the appearance it´s not just the only thing that counts.




“Because what?”


“I wasn´t going to seat here. I just seated here because I saw the prettiest girl of my life.”


“Is this a joke?”


“I love the way your cheeks are turning to red colored. I like the way you sway your hair from one side to the other. I also like it´s brown colour. I like your green eyes and your light skin.”


“Okay, it´s not funny to do jokes to spinster girls.”


“Nice to meet you, I’m an unknown actor that soon will start to record a film and need to be prepared to continue a conversation about first sight love.”


“And what´s your name?”


“I’m David, David Siddle.”


“Maia Salinas and what´s the movie about?”


“They have only given me a part of the script apparently of first sight love, the problem is that I don´t know the actress that will perform with me so I can´t practice with her.”


“You can practice with me until the bus comes, if you want too.”


“I would, but they don´t leave anyone to see the scripts if you aren´t participating on the movie.”


“Well, David the bus is here. Bye, thanks very much.”


“For what?”


“For seating next to me, I know now what first sight love is.”


As he didn´t answer something on the next five seconds I smiled at him and went into the bus. Seating down I couldn´t belief what I had told him. I couldn´t belief that he hadn´t answered anything. The positive thing is that he´s a stranger and I will not see him again and therefore will not need to explain him that he´s such a beautiful boy.


I was seating on the bus. I looked at David through the big cold glass window and he looked at me. It was the second time that we both exchanged glances. His eyes were blue. They were bolt and he had long eyelashes that every time he flicked them I couldn´t resist to smile at him. The bus closed its doors and when it was going to get moving David stood up and went in the bus on the last second. He bought a ticket and sat next to me. Then without making any more silent seconds he asked me for my phone number. Then he told me his and we both smiled. I could see his face and then he told me: “so I’m pretty from your point of view.”


“And also from the movie´s director view surely to choose you to appear in it.”


“It was an old lady that did the casting, wish it had been a younger and nice”


“You shouldn´t complain you know, at least they gave you the role.”


“And where do you live?”


“Not far away, you´ll see when we reach there.”


Whilst we spoke I observed how he sometimes touched his hair and smiled. I couldn´t stop smiling and laughing of everything he said. He did mention I was a bit “childish”. He didn´t realize but it offended me. I didn´t answer back for avowing being bad mannered; but what I really thought was that I laughed because I was happy. I was happy for speaking with David. His voice transmitted me a happy mood. Laughing it´s not a children symptom. Laughing is a thing that happens when you´re happy and feel a sort of strange excitement. I would describe laughing in a general term as a happiness symptom. And, in my case, right now, as a nervous reaction. I didn´t know how to behave with him. I had flirted in a way and he showed a certain interest on me but nothing more.  We were the last two on the bus. As he didn´t get down on any bus stops I asked him where he was looking to get down. He answered me that he had just came into the bus to get my phone number and to speak with me a while because before he had been practicing for the role without bothering much about me. The ten minutes left for my stop I tried to control myself and to not laugh every time he said anything that I could interpret ate as funny. I wanted him to change his view about me. I wanted him to see me as a mature person that could maintain a serious conversation. I agreed to hang up another day with him, at our meeting point, the bench.  As we were two minutes away from my bus stop I told him that we were arriving. He told me that as he lived like thirty five minutes away from me. He lived in the opposite way from the BF to my house. As I didn’t really know him for long time I didn´t make the appearance to goodbye him with a hug or either a kiss


When we arrived to my stop I got down the bus and waved my right hand thinking bye bye prince charming. I´ve decided to call him prince charming because he had blue eyes and is going to be kind of famous. He is also handsome and really pretty. I waited there watching him until the bus went off. 


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