Night Out

This story is about a girl named Kimberley and she and her friends go out to a club. Something very and I mean really very bad happens in this story. Her ...............
Read on to find out folks.
Hope you enjoy


1. Letting you know

Hey my little unicorns. OK maybe not little but..... ugh you know what I mean. So I need to get 2 likes to start this movella. Spoiler alert. They go out clubbing. Imma so funny. I know, I'm not. Imma so annoying your proberly thinking 'That's a weird kid' I know right but oh well that is just me. So remember 2 likes and this story will go on the road. and trust me it will be awesome. Ok, maybe not awesome but .......... you no what I  mean !!!!!!!!!!!

Remember live your life and stay strong. Don't think negative think positive in life.


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