Ellie Foster

10 years after searching for what happened to someone very close, can Alex ever find them again?


1. Prologue


     I studied the document sat on my desk. The photo of the little girl, her two front teeth missing and ponytail in a bird's nest style. For some reason this seemed too stand out at me, like I knew her from her from some where. 

Sighing, I rubbed my hand over my cheeks, the sharp feeling of stubble grazing my worn hand. I thought of my wife sitting at home, the tv blaring as she would be watching one of her favourite romance movies, her hand rubbing over the the large bulge of her stomach contain our second child. My first was a boy, Jay, who's third birthday was only two months ago. A smile worked its way on to my face as I thought to how perfect my life had become over the past 6 years. Meeting my beautiful wife Samantha and being married to her two years afterwords. 
Thinking to before this, my whole life was stuck in my police work, trying to find any hope of her.

Trying too remember her was hard now, her face was becoming distant in my mind. I couldn't remember that perfect smile, the sharp emerald green eyes and the small dimple in her right cheek when she really let herself be free. If only I had stopped her from meeting him.

When she brought him home, my parents couldn't be more thrilled. He was the 'best' according to gather, the looks, money and the high reputation throughout the marketing world. Able to provide for her very well, is what he thought if only he really knew what person he really was underneath that thick caramel coating


Shaking my head, I picked up the photo and stared at the file that came with it. Looking closer I realised it was a triple case, not very many came by. The little girl was missing, the father is wanted. I had seen this before, it did not result in a good end for the child. Reaching for the final file, the words suspected murder stops out in bright red pen. Reading further I find that the mother's blood was found, the daughter and father were not located at the house. Reading back to the top of the page, I find the name and history of the woman. My heart stopped at the name, my hands became clammy and my breathing halted. 

Ellie Foster

My missing sister of 10 years

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