The Perks of Being an Guardian Angel

Discovering who you are is quite a journey
I firmly believe I discovered why im here in this world very early
Your thoughts?


1. The Adaptions

The Perks of being an angel.




                          Figuring who you are, can be the most challenging. Experimenting, taking risks, partying, getting your head in the books, whatever the case may be. In the end, when we are wise and know why we are in this world, it makes every day, every minute, a little more valuable.

Imagine; strolling in the park, the warm welcoming’s of those beautiful faces of your grandkids, looking up and your own kids, thinking about their first Christmas, the beautiful time holding there fragile body in your arms, sleeping blissfully, and now here they are, all grown up, changing the world, having a family of their own, bringing something special to you to enjoy while you are still on the face of this earth.

However, before those, we have to go through that adventure ourselves. Our first Christmas, growing up being a youngster. Having no worries as a child, just enjoying every day, with a new adventure every day. Exploring the outside world, looking up and the blazing sun, gorgeous shades of green at our very fingertips. The most difficult thing at that age was what cookie to pick, which Barbie to dress up. However, some of us unfortunately go through tragic things as we are still babies on this planet. Living on the streets, divorce, death, and the dark things in this anonymous world. It changes us, all of us. No matter what, we always change little by little, it’s called growing up, and it’s what confuses us the most in our teenage/early adult life. As for me, it always seemed to me that I discovered everything early, and I was pretty intelligent as a little one, I had such a mature understanding to the world as do I now at this moment. Of course, I haven’t experienced everything and I know everything on the back of my hand, im only 14 years young. On the other hand, I can promise you that I have a clear assumption on various topics.

How I look at myself now, is so much different rather than when I was younger. When I was younger, I never took a good look at myself in the mirror, I just put some clothes on, and headed out the door. It wasn’t up until I was 10 when I noticed nothing but flaws about me. I never thought I was pretty, smart, funny, or anything. If somebody were to ask me at the time, I would just stare at them in confusion, figuring out how to answer. When I was 10, I started to look at myself, and dislike. I thought I was not pretty at all. I didn’t like my haircut at all, it was very short and I just thought I was funny looking. My confidence got brought down for a silly reason, simply because a boy had a crush on me, but then he stared to have a crush on somebody. Let’s face it, im in love with love, and I’ve always been boy crazy, so I can see why.

Ever since that one day however, it changed me. I had no confidence whatsoever for the rest of the year, and the following year. I was a little chubby, but not that chubby, and I wore no makeup, my hair was messy, I dressed like a tomboy, and I didn’t like my butt at all, because it was a lot bigger than the other girls. It was funny, I looked in the mirror and started crying because I thought my butt was too big and I wanted it to be small.

Straight to the point, it took years for me to accept myself. I always had one thing bringing me down. I was either ugly, heavy, weird, nit good at sports. My attitude is weird, my hair wasn’t straight, etc. But Now I come to realize

I was born in this world to be a guardian angel.

How so you may ask?


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