My name is Piper Mclean, I used to have a boyfriend, Jason Grace. Until one day he cheated on me with my half-sister, Drew Tanaka. I couldn't take the betrayal so, I did the best thing. I Ran. 3 years i became Vanessa Olympus,a singer and actress in California. I decided to go back to New York to do my last concert in my tour. What are the odds of me running into half bloods there?


1. Why?

I remember the day I left Camp Half-Blood like it was yesterday. But in reality it has been 2 years. You may wonder why I left, where I have been, or who the hades I am. Well I can't answer the first two questions now, I will answer the last one. I 'was' Piper McLean. You might be confused because I said was. It is true I was once Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite, goddess of love desire and beauty, one of the seven. Now I am Vanessa Olympus. I am still a daughter of Aphrodite and one of the seven. I'm just not at Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter, I also am a singer. Right now, I am on my Distressed tour. I am getting ready for a concert now. I have to go, I hear Sound Check calling me.

Oh and before I go I have to say that my manager is Demetria, I call her Demi.

I have a contest going on now, I will know the winner tomorrow. The winner and 7 of their friends' get to live with me for an entire year. I really hope they are around my age. Because the last contest I had a creepy 39-year-old guy won, so my Demi had to cancel the WHOLE thing. So, I really hope that doesn't happen again.

I have contact with the gods.

I bring demigods to Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter. I always make sure to stay in the shadows when I bring them there. So if a camper mentions something about other demigods being brought there mysteriously just ignore it.

Well Bye! I have Sound Check to get to, and then start off my concert with a few songs.

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