She's not Afriad

My parents were killed when I was only seven. I escaped with the killers face planted in my memory. Ten years past by and I'm ready to strike the kill. I've been to 21 different schools. The killers are looking for me as I'm looking for them. I than let some one into my heart... Is it the end for me?


1. Prologue

My alarm started screaming as I woke up screaming with it. I didn't want to go to school more than wake up. My head pounded with a heart aching headache. Another school day with another different school. Now more people to meet and kill. Oh wait ha yeah I just said that. People need to live in the real world. Fuck society. I threw on my clothes and skipped outside into the musty air. It was heavy but bearable. I tugged my leather jacket on tighter. My thick combat boots muffled into the cement. I tightened my harness for my knife and gun. I can't go anywhere without them. I could easily kill someone bare handed but what if the opponent has a weapon? Exactly you'll be shitting yourself. I gave myself a grim smile as I entered the doors of the new high school. One more year and I'll be graduated. I just hope to find the bastards before they find me. Or well it could be a win/win. I loudly walked my happy ass to my first period. With a heart as cold as ice I gave everyone a slim smile. A bad boy sat alone in a corner looking out the window. The only empty seat was next to him. Oh well. Time to have some fun. I swung my backpack over my shoulder and chomped on my gum. Everyone stared as I walked to my seat. When I plopped down in my seat the bad boy flinched but he didn't look over to me. Well this is going to be amusing. I tapped my pencil on the desk; obviously being annoying. But its good I want people to hate me and if not hate me than I want them to fear me. I want them to clear a path of fear. Yes, that sounds perfect. "Hello, I'm Zayn." The bad boy broke me out of my thoughts. His eyes reflected in the sun light. He's going to be an interesting one. "Heather." I didn't say an hello, I didn't nod. I simply left him guessing.

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