My Fake Fiancé!

Mabyre Paxton is 17 she will be 18 in two months. She has a little sister that is 12 and loves one direction and loves Niall horan from the band, but in the other hand Mabrye does not like them at all. One day her sister told Mabrye if she could win her someone direction tickets over the radio.
I can't say everything of the story you just got to read and find out!!


2. Chapter 2:

Mabrye POV:

" You are caller 99 " the man spoke. Faith screamed. We won the tickets. I didn't Believe it. " what's you're name Hun " the man spoke again through the phone. " Mabrye " I said. " we'll Mabrye you just won 2 tickets to a the wanted concert" the man spoke wich brought tears to faiths eyes. " what " I spoke. " I'm joking Hun you just won 2 tickets to a one direction concert" he said again with a laugh. I sighed. " oh well thank you how would we get them " I said again. Faith was screaming her head of. My dad came in the room. " keep the noise down " he said and left. " you will be getting the tickets tommorow morning by a personal mailman " he spoke again. I said thank you and hunged up the phone. Faith screamed and ran up to me and hugged me so tight I couldn't breath. " think you thank you thank you " faith kept saying. " you're welcome and the concert is on Saturday" I said. " mom who is going with her?" I asked. " you will " my mom said. " no I can't because then dad you will be alone here with the baby with my dad. " I said. " I will be alright because I told him I was going to you're aunts house on Saturday " my mom said. I nodded. " wait I don't have anything to wear " faith screamed again. " that is why I'm taking you shopping on Friday for one direction clothes and stuff " I said. Faith screamed and jumped around. I was laughing so hard. Yeah my sister and me fight but we love each other. But I still can't believe I actually won those tickets for faith. But the big deal is I don't like one direction a all. Two hours with them is going to be hard. But oh we'll I have to do this for faith. " ok faith ill but anything about one direction on Friday, that is you're day to get stuff of one direction, write evrything you want think and think ok faith " I said. She nodded happily. " Mabrye please come help me with dinner " my mom said. I nodded. Well like I said we have our own stuff in this huge room, so we have our own kitchen. My mom was making Mac and cheese for faith and she was making cheese sticks for me and her. The baby was going to have a baby bottle full of baby milk. The food was finished and everyone started eating. Today I was holding baby jake in my hands giving him his bottle. Then we FINSIHED and we started watching a movie while baby jake was sleeping.

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