My Fake Fiancé!

Mabyre Paxton is 17 she will be 18 in two months. She has a little sister that is 12 and loves one direction and loves Niall horan from the band, but in the other hand Mabrye does not like them at all. One day her sister told Mabrye if she could win her someone direction tickets over the radio.
I can't say everything of the story you just got to read and find out!!


1. Chapter 1:

Mabrye POV:

" Please Mabrye please try look there going to announce it again on the radio please win me those tickets at least try " my little sister faith said. " ok all right ill try " I said so she can stop annoying me. She wanted to win one direction tickets and she asked if I could help her. I'm 17 yeas old about to be 18 in two months and faith is 12 years old. I have a baby brother who is a 3 days old. Yeah he was barley born three days ago. I live with my parents, the bad thing is that my dad is a drug addict and a alcoholic. My mom and me and my sister sleep in the same room and the baby also. My dad DOESINT want my mom to sleep with him. But we have the bigger room so it's great. We hardly ever go out side of the room, we have food and money stored in the room we have a min fridge, a small kitchen, a microwave, we have a walk in closet, and 3 beds and a baby crib. My little brothers name is Jake. We always sneak out through the window to outside the house my dad DOESINT care. He has tried to rape faith, while he was drunk. But he didn't do anything to faith because my mom stopped him. The radio went off again and I got the numbers and dialed the number on my phone as fast as possible. Faith was screaming please.  " hello " I heard the mans voice. " you are caller ".

So hey my little carrots how do you like the chapter, and this is the first cliffhanger of the story.. Please favorite. Like, and comment. Bye my little carrots.

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