Little Zoey


1. Adoption?

*Niall's Point Of View*

This is it. We have to be RESPONSIBLE. That word gives me the goosebumps. I'm too young 20 to be exact. I can't raise a child and neither can any of the other lads. This isn't happening why did I agree to such a thing. Children are too difficult

*Harry's Point Of View*

Well this is absolutely crazy. What did I get myself into. I should've said no.

*Louis' Point Of View*

'Ready mates?' I ask breaking the silence. They all mumble something and we get into my car. We drive to Mary Lance's Orphanage to get this over with. Simon asked us if we would do this to prove ourselves responsible. The other guys agreed with me because I am the oldest. Although I don't know if I'm gonna be able to handle this myself.

We pull up to the orphanage in silence. None of us has spoken a word since we agreed on this. I break the silence. 'Look guys, I know this seems horrible and all but I honestly think we can handle this and take care of a child that needs love' I say. They all look at me 'I agree with Louis. We are being selfish by complaining about getting a child while the little children in there suffer without parents.' Niall says.

We walk into the orphanage and there are no teenagers apparently this orphanage is for children 12 and under. Wonderful. The staff gets the children in line from oldest to youngest. The lads and I were scanning the line when we heard her. Her beautiful laugh from the other room. We walked past all the other children and into the nursery where there where 13 sleeping babies and 1 little girl. She had to be no more than one but she stuck out because she had this heart warming smile on her face. I pulled the guys over to the side. 'I think we should pick her.' I say. 'Shes so small. I thought we were gonna get one that talks and stuff' Niall says with a disappointed look on his face. 'This is not like getting a new pair of shoes. We should get her because we can raise her' I say snapping back at him. The lads agree with me and we go to Ms. Greenhealer, the sign out lady. 'We want her' I say with a smile. 'Our little Zoey is finally going to have a home.' She says with tears in her eyes. We fill out paper work and turns out Zoey is 11 months old. She was left on the doorstep of the orphanage when she was 2 weeks old. Her mother didn't want her so her father dropped her off in a diper and a box with a light green blanket that one of the staff handed Liam. She hands us the baby with a car seat and tells us the stuff we are going to need. She hands us the birth certificate and hospital records and we leave. Zayn holds the car seat with the baby as we walk to the car. 'Shes so precious' he says tears forming his eyes. We finally found the perfect baby. Zoey.

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