The Girl Who Has Yet To Become Who Shes Suppose To Be

Hi i'm Breland im 17, have long dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. I'll be 18 in 4 months and my family is acting really strange and i am determined to find out why.

...and she will real soon... roar


1. month 1


Hi, my name is Breland. im 17, have long dark brown hair, and bright blue eyes. I'll be 18 in 4 months and my family have been acting really weird and I am determined to figure out why.

I'ts my first day of my senior year. I can see my best friend Skylar, she is 17 also, has strawberry blonde hair, and brown eyes. we have been friends since the 3rd grade. Here she comes, "hi breland!" she says, "how was your summer?" "great,how was yours?" I said. " awesome me and my fam went to america for summer it was great going back to califoria again LA was absolutely amazing!" she says. "what classes do you have?" "english, advanced algebra, spanish 2, history, and journalism" "oh I have english, science 1, spanish 2, PE, and generla math" I said. " well at least we have english and spansih together" shes says. "c'mon let's go to class" I say and we start walking to our lockers.

When I get home that night my mom is in the basement looking through books, I ask her what she's doing then she just closes the book and says "I thought I told you never to come in the basement, this is my space remember?" I sigh and say "ya I know i'm sorry." she starts walking to me and puts her hand on my back and we walk back up the stairs and when we get up stairs my mom locks back up the basement door like always, I then again ask her what she was reading she just replys with nothing, it was nothing really. After an awkward silence that lasted for about 10 seconds mom asks what I'd ike for dinner and I immediately shout "pizza!" (it's my favorite food) my says "I knew that was coming" and starts giggling. "I'm gonna go up to my room" I say and run up the stairs.

I start texting Skylar "hey wats up?" " not much just ya know listening to my brother listen to little mix and think no one can hear him lol" she replys, " hahaha" "so, what r u doing?" she asks. "My moms acting strange again when I ask her things she just tells me I'ts nothing and to get out" I say, "maybe shes planning a big birthday party for you, haha" "4 months before my actual birthday? I doubt it anyway my birthdays were never a big thing why would it be now?" "maybe cause you're turning 18 that's usually a big birthday ya know" she says. "ya I know I just don't understand why shes always in that basement and never wants me in there and never let's me see what's in there. It looks like a witchs layer in there I swear" "maybe she is a witch hah lol, it's probably nothing to worry about like your mom said" "ya probably, maybe I should just stop worrying about it." I say. " gtg talk to u 2morrow" "k cya tomorrow."

It's been a week since I had another weird awkward basement moment with my mom. I'm walking down the stairs when I hear my mom and dad talking downstairs in the dining room and I stop and listen. I hear my mom say "she will change wether she wants to or not, we can't do anything about it." what did she mean she would change? was she talking about me? I dont know, but I cant sit around and figure it out now cause I have to go to school. I walk the rest of the way down stairs and put my shoes on, " i'm leaving, cya after school" and I was out the door.

When I got to school I told Skylar what I heard this morning walking down the stairs. Then she asked me "what'd your mom mean by she will change?" "I have no clue" I say. "Was she talking about you?" she asks, "again I dont know, but by the sounds of it I hope not."

Another week goes by and I still haven't heard anymore about this change that my parents were talking about, but that night while i'm in my bed I hear my parents talking. my dad says "she's gonna start feeling it... changing" " I know.." mom says. Wait how can I hear them all the way in their room? Well, I guess it is kinda quiet in the house, but iv'e never heard them before so this is weird. I then heard my mom say "what if she already is?" "then we must help her through it" my dad said. "but she doesn't know."

The next morning I wanted to ask my mom about what her and my dad was talking about last night, but I knew she'll just say oh it was nothing like always so I just held it in. We had sausage, bacon, and eggs. I usually am not this hungry, but I ate 6 sausages, 7 pieces of bacons, and 3 eggs. I can't believe it, I couldn't help myself, I couldn't stop. My parents didn't even question it though which I thought they were gonna. That night I was shaving my legs and I had just shaved a few days ago it never is grown back this fast. This is so weird.

Then the next week I hear my parents say "did you see how much shes been eating lately?" so they are questioning it just not to my face. Then i'm thinking and I then realize I hope they don't think im pregnant or something, but then mom says "she is changing already" Wait! so I am the one that's chnaging. changing into what? I text Skylar "hey I found out who my parents are talking about, who's changing." "who is it!' she replys "... it's me" "it might not be bad though breland" she says. " what if it is sky I can hear my parents from faraway, i'm eating way more than usual and I can't help myself, and I grow hair faster than I ever have!" "I dont know maybe you just need to go on a diet and maybethat will help with the eating portion, and your body is always chnging it could just be a body change" she replys. "ok ill try it and I hope it chnages again fast" "well ttyl bre I gtg" "k ttyl sky" I say. Then I fell asleep.

Homecoming is coming up and I got asked to the homecomig dance by one of the football players that happen to be my boyfriend. His name is Stormin and he has golden hair and beautiful hazel eyes. Me and Skylar are going to look for dress tonight. Skylar trys on like 15 and finally finds onethat she likes it's purple, blue, and pink ball gown type and it looks absolutely beautiful on her. I can't seem to find one I like though, then skylar says "hold on I got the perfect one for you!" She came out with a lavender and black dress that flaired out at the end. "I love it" I say. "I knew you would."

The next morning my mom came in waking me up. "mom it's saturday can't I sleep in?" "sorry, I wanted to see your dress you got last night" she says " ok i'll show ya, Skylar picked it out, she knows me so well, I love the dress" I pull the dress out and my mom starts crying "ugh mom don't cry" "i'm sorry its just my baby is growing up and changing" was she just sayin changing like as in growing up or changing like as in how my parents have been saying i'm "changing"? i'm not sure, but here is the perfect time to ask. "mom?" I say "what bre bre?" "umm... what have you and dad been talking about me changing?" I ask. "you heard us?" she asks "ya" then she mumbled something under her breath I couldn't tell what she was saying,but I could hear it perfectly clear she just didn't say it clear enough for me to know what she was saying. Then she just got up and walked out.

I don't know what's going on, what is this about "the changing." 2 days go by and I haven't asked mom about it or talked to her about it and neither has she. I hear mom talking to my dad "whisper she might hear us" then dad whispers "what do you mean?" "I mean the other night she asked me about the changing she said she heard us talking about it" then I walked into the room and said " and I did just know too, now tell me how am I able to hear you so far away hmm?" dad sighed and said "Breland I don't think now is the time" I then raged out and yelled "I think now is the perfect time, whats the changing? I bet it says something about it in those books of yours mom in the basement! give me the key! if you won't tell me I will find out myself" in that moment I looked in the mirror and my eyes were glowing blue I ran up to the mirror and looked into my eyes. Then I turned around to my parents and started crying " what's wrong with me? my eyes why are they glowing? why am I eating like a hog all of a sudden? and grow hair faster than I ever have?" mom looks down and sighs then says "she has changed more and faster than we thought, I think it's time we tell her."

"Well, umm are you gonna tell me?" I ask them as they sit in silence. "Breland our family is different than others. We can do things, different things... we change" "we change into what, what do we do, what can we do?" "well we turn into... umm wolves" dad said. "haha! your kidding right you think i'm actually gonna believe that?" Then my mom and dad both glared their eyes at me and they were glowing yellow. I jumped back and said "woah ok how can you do that?" "when you learn to control your changing and what comes with the changing you can do this when ever you want" mom said. "well how do I do that? how I control it?" "you're still not changed enough to be able to control the change." mom said. "when will I be?" I asked, "now that is up to you, how fast you wanna change. your body and destiny knows." "how do I change faster so I can control it?" I asked. " you just gotta feel it and want it and it will happen." "Here's one thing you know how you can hear from so faraway? Well that might and probably will get uncontrolable you might be talking to someone and all of a sudden they will get ear piercing loud. you have to try and keep quiet at school. ok cause it might get hard especially around your birthday that's when your first full wolf change will happen."

The next day i'm at school and I wanna tell Skylar so bad, but I dont know if I can or how she would take it, if she would believe me? I could hear every sound there was people tapping there pencils, clicking their pens, whispering behind the teachers back, I hear it all. It sometimes gave me a headache. Here comes Skylar "are yoou ready for homecoming on friday? our last homecoming." I had actually forgot about homecoming going through all this, but I was ready " ya, can't wait!" " ohh hear comes prince charming now hahah" she said as Stormin walked up and sat down next to me. " hey babe" I said as he hey kissed my cheek. " how are you bre bear?" "good now that you're here" i said, "thanks so i don't entertain you?" Skylar said sarcastically. " no you know I love hanging with you girl" "good. i'm gonna go talk to Tyler and tell him that I rented a limo for us four for friday." (Tyler is her boyfriend btw).

"So, what you been up to storm?" I asked. " not much ya know football and thinking bout' you baby, love you" "awww love you too stormy." I say as I start blushing. "How bout you what you been doing lately bre bear?" umm what should I say? I can't tell him i've been slowly changing into a wolf, "boring homework I went and got a dress with Skylar" "awesome I know you'll look absolutely beautiful in it." Now i'm really blushing, "thanks babe I know you'll look hot in your tux too" then we were kissing and Skylar walked up and the bell rang "get a room! hah c'mon let's get to class."

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