Have you ever wanted to easily get what you want with the snap of your fingers?
Well what if for one month, you could get whatever your heart or self desires, with just a click on your phone, laptop, computer, or any other internet-access device?
This is what happens to the Burling family.
The Burling family were selected to get whatever they want for free for a whole month.
Clothes, jewelry, house items and décor, food, furniture, make-up, books, houses, anything they want.
They have easy access to anything AND everything online.
But will this make the family closer, or will it tear them apart?


1. The Characters//Author's Note :)

Author's note:

Hey guys! :) I hope you enjoy this story! I am about to finish 16 Years, and start the sequel to that, and I am also working on another story as well! So lots to come! If you'd like, go read my other stories, and if you like them fan me! I'll try to fan as many of you as I can!

Anyways, this story is a bit different then what I have done before, since there's quite a few languages that will be thrown in! But don't worry, at the end of each chapter I will translate the words for you, so it's easier to understand. :)

I love all my sailors :)

xoxo ~Kassie


The Characters:

The "Burling Family"


Maman//Claire Burling

Papa//Charles Burling


Oldest//Arctic(Arctique) "Arc" James Burling//16 years old

Middle//Lisette Noelle Burling [Main Char.]//14 years old

Youngest//Juliette Rose Burling//8 years old

Note: The family are French/Irish/German/American, so some words will be in a different language! I will have a little guide at the end of each chapter, stating the word, what language, and the English word.

Leave me comments, fan me, etc.

I love you all :) :) :) <3 xoxoxoxoxo



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