Simon's Step-Daughter

After my Mum married Simon things have gotten really different. I mean at their wedding There were like 50 different celebrities there. I know he's The Simon Cowell and he is in charge of all different stars but In my opinion Stars Are Brats Who think they can get whatever they want Especially BoyBands..


1. 3 weeks of being a "family"

"Can you believe We have been married for 3 weeks already!' My mum says To Simon 

"Man Time fly's Huh?" He says Kissing my mum 

I stop looking at them and look down at my plate and eat.

I mean i get they are "in love" or whatever But i don't think it will last i mean Simon Is a big star and Makes Big stars...Knows Big stars There was 50 different celebrities at their wedding! 

"Oh and Jessica, Perrie and The girls want to hang out this weekend  with you they said you were awesome or whatever you teenagers say." 

Okay Thanks Simon I say taking my plate out to the kitchen. 

"Jessica You know me and simon are married now you should call him dad." Mum says putting her hands on her hips 

I sigh and roll my eyes as i finish cleaning my plate...Sorry I mumble As i walk into my bedroom and shut the door.

We had to move somewhere else because the  apartment me and mum lived in was two small for all of us and our puppy.  

I get on my phone and Call my best friend DJ she's in Maine visiting her Brother so we cant really hang out just call eachother. 


Yeah well I'm going to go DJ


We've been taking for 3 hours! I laugh 

"Okay well byyeeeezz!!!!" 

Byeeeeezz!!! I say before hanging up 

I walk out of my room and hear a boy with an Irish accent Talking to simon and my mum...Then another voice but its british like mine. I walk out and see 5 guys standing there talking to mum and simon. 

"Ahh This is The famous Jessica!" Simon says as i walk over to them

Hi? I say Mentioning to my mum i have no clue who these guys are.... She sends simon a look and he smiles 

"Jessica This is the band one direction. Boys This is Jessica My step-daughter!" 

Wait...They Are one direction?!?!


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