Camilla Parker a 19 year old girl from California what happens when the unordinary happens? When she keeps on discovering things that might not be for her? What happens when she starts getting visions and one day she sees it she sees the person she can save? Will she tell him, will she be his savior or will he be hers??


7. Friends

I decided to brush my hair because it was a bit messed up from the night before. When I was done I rushed down the stairs worried that Harry might not be there, but instead I heard Harry talking with a familiar voice.

I walked down stairs still not sure if it was who I thought it was. My thoughts had been answered when I saw Harry talking to my mother, Harry and my mother both sitting near the island.

"Mom?" I spoke unsure of why she was home so early.

"W-What are you doing here? Is there something wrong." Harry and my mother's attention was now turned to me.

"No, I just got out early from work that's all" she told me. I nodded now wondering what Harry and my mother were talking about before I interrupted them.

"Mom this is Harry... a friend" I said as I realized I hadn't introduced him.

"And Harry this is my mother" Harry gave a small nod already knowing who she was apparently since they were talking just minutes ago.

"Mom Harry and I are going to get something to eat... I mean if that's ok?" she gave me a small smile before looking to Harry then back at me.

"Of course it is, go on ahead I won't waste more of your time" she said.

"I'll be back later" I told her as I gave her a small hug.

"Nice to meet you ma'am" Harry spoke.

"Nice to meet you too Harry" My mother said with a bright smile plastered on her face.

Harry and I walked out of the front door leading out to the street, we crossed the street to get into his gray Range Rover. Once inside I didn't know what my mother and Harry talked about would make our date weird. A date, what am I talking about it's just breakfast as friends. Harry inserted the keys to turn the car on and as he did so the engine roared to life.

It was silent in the car it wasn't awkward silence or anything it's just I didn't know what to talk about and Harry probably didn't know either. All that came to mind was what was my mother and Harry talking about, were they talking about me? Was my mother frightened by him? I mean Harry is a bit muscular and with all those tattoos that are visible from underneath his shirt some people can get a bit frighten by him, but my mother didn't seem scared or anything so that was a good sign.

"What were you and my mother talking about before I came into the kitchen?" I said before I could stop myself.

Harry glanced over at me before dedicating his full attention back on to the road.

"Nothing really" he told me.

"Are you sure? I asked curiously.

"Yeah all she said was for me to take car-" He trailed off not finishing the sentence. I looked at him hoping for him to finish the sentence I didn't want to push him to tell me anything but I just wanted to know.

"She just told me to be there for you whenever you needed me." Now that surprised me, why was my mother asking Harry for this if she barely even knew him. He could have been someone breaking into our house or a rapist or something, but in a way I felt like mother knew better. I think she felt as if Harry was something positive in my life and she trusted him in a way.

I wondered how Harry felt about that, I mean I barely know him and he barely knows me and for my mother to be saying that it might just be weird to him. He probably didn't want to come to breakfast after that but he didn't want to say anything to not seem rude.

"I told her it would be my pleasure to" Harry surprised me once again by what he just had said. Did he really want to be there for me? Did he actually care about me?

*Harry's POV*

I looked at Camilla through the corner of my eye as I drove I saw how her face lit up as I told her I would love to be there for her whenever she needed me. I know I probably shouldn't get too close to her but there's something about her that makes me feel that behind that beautiful face there's many tragedies and I want to be with her along the way to help her, comfort her, be there for her whenever she needed me whether that be as a friend or something more.

When I was at her house waiting for her to get ready for us to leave, her mother walked in she looked at me with confusion like why would someone like me be in her house. When I explained to her I was Camilla's friend her features softened, she asked me if I was Camilla's boyfriend of course I laughed a bit. I mean I barely knew her but in the short amount of time I did know her I've been able to feel something for her I still don't know what but I'm curious to know more about her.

Her mother was very nice and welcoming, after she knew who I was immediately she told me that if I intended to be something more than friends with Camilla to really value her and not just play around with her. She told me she had already had many things in her past starting with when her Father died. I wanted to ask Camilla about her father and what happened to him but I knew it wasn't the right time yet.

Before Camilla came back down her mother asked me for one last thing, she told me to protect her to be there with her through her struggles whichever they may be. She told me she really needed someone to be there for her, someone she could trust and tell everything to. I told her mother I would and I would try my best to be there for her I was just trying to be nice and poite, but there is something about her that just froze time and made everything worth wild.

"We're here" I finally spoke as I shook off all of my thoughts at least for now and I focused all my attention back to her.



*Camilla's POV*

"He took you to breakfast?" Alondra exclaimed on the end of the phone.

"Yeah!" I said

"So how did it go?" Michelle asked me.

I got home from breakfast with Harry a couple of hours ago it actually went really good everything went smoothly nothing was awkward and we actually had a pretty good conversation going. I dropped the topic of my mother and Harry didn't bring it up either. When I talked to him it seemed like he actually he cared he was paying attention and that actually made me happy knowing we were getting along and knowing that I could be making a friend or maybe something more than that, who knows. After we were done eating Harry dropped me off at my house and we exchanged numbers we said our goodbyes and he was on his way, I still couldnt get the visions out of my mind the wholoe time I was near him.

I was now having a group call with friends about the party and Harry but mostly about Harry.

"Good it was just breakfast so... yeah " I responded back as I was done thinking about what had happened earlier. I decided to paint my nails so I took out my nail polish and painted my nails as I talked with my loud friends.

"Soo..." I tried to change the subject.

"Did you guys have fun at the party?"

"Yeah!" they basically all yelled in unison.

"Did you guys like the guys there?" I asked them again.

"Omg yes!!" Alondra screamed to the phone.

"There was this blonde cutie named Niall he was soo cute and he's Irish" Alondra told us all excited

"Well that's good" I smiled even though she couldn't see me through the phone.

"Soo Emily did you end up ok, you seemed really bubbly" I laughed as I spoke.

"Umm.. yeah just had a couple drinks nothing big" She said

"What did you do after we left?" Emily asked me trying to change the subject

"Umm.. well it's kind of a blur, but I had a couple more drinks and by the end of the night I was totally wasted. Harry told me to stay with him cause I was in no condition of driving and...umm yeah that's basically it" I told them getting ready for what they were going to tell me next.

"Did you... you know?? Did anything happen?" Alondra questioned me. Of course out of the three of them she was the one asking me, she was the one that didn't care if she passed boundaries, she said what she thought and asked what she wanted to know.

"Alondra!" I said in a somewhat of an embarrassed tone.

"Just answer my question!"

"Come on Camilla" Michelle also spoke.

I let out a sigh before answering "No nothing happened"

It was silent none of them said anything which was weird because they always had a comment about everything at least one of them would but no nothing, were they that surprised that nothing between Harry and I?

"Guys?" I said into the phone not knowing why they were quiet.

"Yeah, yeah were here."

"Why so quiet?" I questioned.

"It's just we thought something more interesting happened" Alondra responded.

"Guys I was drunk, plus Harry told me he wouldn't do that to me in my state" I told them.

"Aww" Is all you could hear from my phone.

"He really is sweet" Emily told me and I agreed.

"Do you like him?" it surprised me when I heard Emily's voice instead of Alondra.

"I-I don't know" I answered truthfully.

"I mean I can't deny he is hott but I don't know if it could work, plus maybe he doesn't like me" l told them.

I wondered what they would think if I told them about my visions, about my dreams about how in my dream I saw a face and then later my dream kinda came into a reality and the same person in my dream happened to be a real person and that person I had discovered to be Harry.

"He's hot." Michelle spoke up.

"Yeah" I laughed into my phone.

"Well it's been fun guys but I have to go" Alondra started.

"Yeah same here, I have some things I have to get done" Emily finished off.

"Ok guys well talk to you soon" I told them.

"Camilla don't forget to keep us updated with anything that goes on between you and Harry" Michelle told me.

I let out a laugh "Ok, bye."

"Bye" they all said before they hung up. I put down my phone on the cabinet next to my bed.

By the time I was done talking to them I had accomplished to paint my nails red with pink sparkles and they looked pretty good if I may say so myself.

I was now flipping through a page in a magazine when my phone vibrated I reached out to grab my phone to see who it was, my heart started to pound out of chest when I read the name that appeared on the screen it was Harry.

From: Harry

Goodnight Beautiful:)

As I read the message I felt butterflies in my stomach and a smile appeared on my face as I read the message over and over, everytime feeling the tingle sensation in my stomach.

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