Percy's Sceret Sister

A girl and her mother take a simple vacation to New York. The girl decides to wonder the woods near the hotel where she was staying. Only to find evil creatures. She wakes up in Camp Half-Blood, only to find out she was a demigod.


1. Long Island

"Are we there yet?" I asked.

We have been driving for forever and I couldn't wait to get to Long Island! I was so excited!

"No, Chelsea, about 20 more minutes." My mom replied.

Yes! Only 20 more minutes! I sat in silence thinking about what happened at swim practice 2 days ago. We'll let me explain, my coach decided that we should play butt to butt. Butt to butt is when we all sit close to each other with out shoulders and butts touching each other on the wall. And when my coach yells go, we swim underwater to the other end of the pool. Then we have to sit back on the wall with our butts and shoulders touching again and the last person to get on the wall is out. Just to point out, I'm TERRIBLE at this game! But anyway, we sat on the wall and my coach yelled go. I dived into the water and made it to the other end without trouble. That was weird for me. The process continued until it was down to me and the fastest kid on the team. When my coach yelled go, I dived in. He was right beside me. I pulled my hand back and all if a sudden he liked like he was having trouble swimming. He slowly moved behind me. I saw the wall and jumped onto it. I won. My coach just stared at me. All my friends started cheering for me.

After everyone left, I decided to practice swim. As I was swimming, I realized I didn't need to take breaths. So I swam to the bottom of the pool. I sat there BREATHING at the bottom of the pool for 6 MINUTES!

I can't quite figure out how that happened.


We finally made it to Long Island. It was late at night. About 11:45 PM. So my mom just went to sleep when we went into the hotel room. I decided that I would take a walk around Long Island. I grabbed our room key and quietly closed the door behind me. I made my way downstairs into the lobby and headed out onto the streets.

I passed coffee shops, gift shops, and bunches of different stores. I saw a little road. I started to walk on the narrow road. I kept walking down the road, but I then herd something in the bushes. I stopped and looked around. Nothing. I headed toward the woods.

I grabbed a stick because my ADHD was bothering me. I twiddled the stick on my hands as I walked up the steep hill. All of a sudden, a large rock flew towards me and hit my back. I laid on the ground gasping for air. I saw a huge tree about 500 feet away. Behind it looked like lights. I lifted myself up, only to fall back to the ground. I decided maybe I could crawl. It wasn't easy, but I started to crawl towards the tree. Something behind me, kicked me. I flew into the air and hit the ground hard. I herd people coming this way, their voices were coming from behind the tree. A large roar erupted behind me, but my body was too weak to let me look around. The people from the tree were starting to run toward my direction. The creature grabbed me by my legs. I lye out a muffled scream.

"Hold on!" A female voice yelled toward me.

The creature laughed and dropped me head first toward the ground.

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