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Nialler is worried about the fans not liking them anymore. Niall fluff:3


1. Oh Nialler...

Oh, Nialler...

Prompt-Hi :) I hear you don't have any requests so can you do one for me? A cute Niall story please c: it can be about anything you'd like!

For: lets-pandapenguin

The boys had been enjoying their month off. It was ages since they were able to just relax. Well everyone except for little Nialler. While everyone was watching tv or eating or taking naps Niall wandered aimlessly around the boys flat going from one room to the next. He walked right in front the telly where Liam and Zayn where watching Toy Story 3. The both turned around from their positions and watched Niall go round in circles about the kitchen island. "Um, mate?" Liam asked. Niall was pulled out of his trance and he jerked his head in the direction of the noise. Now staring at Liam and Zayn looking dazed the boys got up and sat him down in one of the bar stools. "Nialler will you tell us what's wrong?" Zayn asked. "Yeah, b'cuz you've been pacing around the apartment all afternoon." Said Liam. Niall hesitated, he was worried that the fans wouldn't be there when we got back from break. He was worried that they wouldn't like them as much when they started to make more music. "Guys, what if our fans aren't into us anymore?" He whimpered, the boys were astounded. They couldn't believe that Niall would think that. Just then Harry and Louis came bouncing through the door with food. "We've got groceries!!!" Harry screamed. Louis chuckled as he helped put away the groceries. Liam turned back to Niall as Zayn helped with the food. "Nialler our fans love us, not just--*RING!!* that was the second time today Liam was interrupted by something. *RING!!* First Harry's yelling now the house phone. He reached to his side for the phone and saw it was Paul. He picked it up and walked out the room speaking in hushed tones. Niall was sure it was something to do with the fans not liking us or Liam wouldn't have walked away. "Nialler, Zayn's making chicken for lunch do you want any?" Called Louis from the kitchen. Niall was holding back tears. "N-no thanks." He whispered and ran upstairs to his room. He flipped down his bed and shivered. It was cooler in here than he thought. But he didn't care, he was just going to lay here and deal with it.

Liam's P.O.V

I had just gotten off the phone with Paul. Great phone call great news. All the rest of the tours for the season have been sold out. It was amazing. We had broken some kind of world record he said but I was too excited to really listen. I ran down the stairs to see Zayn, Louis, and Harry eating lunch but no Niall. "Boys I have wonderful news, all the rest of our shows on the next half of the tour are sold out!" I yelled. I was accompanied with cheers and screams from the three of them. But the mood changed as Louis asked, "where's Niall?" I scanned the room. Hm it seems like he's disappeared. I walked back upstairs and opened his door quietly to be greeted by a sleeping Niall. As I sat on his bed I could see the tear stains on cheeks. The others filed behind and quietly stepped into the room as I shook Niall awake. He looked at me through sleepy eyes. "Hi LiLi", he whispered. "Well hey there Nialler, the boys and I have some news." His face saddened. He thought we were coming to bring him bad news. All of a sudden Harry burst into "THE REST OF OUR SHOWS ARE SOLD OUT!!" Niall sprang up in bed. Really Haz? "YES REALLY!!" Niall smiled and the boys joined is in bed. "See Niall", I said, "the fans do love us, they aren't going anywhere." Everyone gathered around a sleepy Niall and watched as his eyes drifted shut. Next thing we knew we were all asleep.

A/N - it's probably shit cuz I wrote this at like 2AM but yeah:3 requests open loves, you can text them here -1 (754) 777-4548 [its an app don't worry lol] u can also kik me at xXdragonsXx


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