The Man In Black (one shot)

This is a story to my english and it is a story for kids because I should right a story for kids. I hope that you will like it.
And I got 12.


1. The Man In Black




The snow was falling down. Joan and her family were out and buy the last gifts.

“Mom see!” Sophie ran over to the bookstore. Her mom, dad and sister walked in to the store, but little Joan didn´t go in. Joan looked at the snow coming down.

“Should you not go inside to your family?” Joan looked up. There was a man. He got black clothes on.

“No I want to see the snow.” He nodded. He sat down on his knees.

“Go inside to your family. They are worried about you.” He said and took her hand. “This is a Christmas present for you.” She looked at her hand and in her hand she hold a little box.

“Thank you but I can not take the gift it is yours.” When she looked up again man was gone. She looked down on the little box again. “Christmas present?” She whispered to herself. She began to walk inside to her family. She wanted to tell them about the man and the gift he gave her. When she came in her mom and dad ran around. She walked over to her sister there had fund a book.

“What have happed?” She looked at Joan.

“They could not find you and got worried about you. So where was you?” Joan didn´t hear what else her sister said, because she was thinking about the man. He said that they were worried about her. 

“She is over here mom and dad!” Sophie yelled. And two seconds later they was over with them.

“You made us so worried. Where was you my princess, and what is the you got in your hand?” Her mom asked her. And then Joan explained what happed. She told them about the man and how he knew they were worried, and the gift he gave her.

 “Come let us go over and get a warm cup of chocolate.” They began to walk over to a café in the neighborhood. But what no one knew was that the man Joan saw, was just behind them all the time. When they got into the café Joan and Sophie saw him, when they looked over on the other side of the street. But their mom and dad didn´t believe them, because then they looked over on the other side of the street there was no man in black. There was only a family and the snow falling down from the heaven. Then they walked out little Joan forgot her gift from the man. But when they got back after the gift, was it gone.

Three days goes and it was Christmas Eve. Joan didn´t forget the man in black and she didn´t forget the gift he gave her. She was so sad that the gift was gone, but she forgot it fast again the night. That night Joan could not sleep. She wanted to go into her mom and dad, but was sleeping.

She walked down to the Christmas tree. And there in the black chair the man was. And in his hand the little box was.

“You forgot it.” He said with kindness in his voice. Joan asked the man in black if he was the Santa Claus, but he just began to laugh.

“No I´m not Santa Claus, but I still got you a gift.” He took her hand again and gave it to her.

“Sleep tight.” Joan wanted to tell him that she could not sleep, but then she fall a sleep.

At the Christmas morning Joan lie under the Christmas tree like a gift. Sophie was the first to wake up and get down in the living room.

“Joan what are you doing under the tree?” Joan looked at her sister. But she could not explain what happed because she don´t remember it.

Sophie helped her sister up. And when she had don that, she took all of her gifts and took it over too the place. As always. And so their mom and dad came down.

“There is a letter to you Joan.” Joan took the paper but she could not read it.

“Will you read it mom?” Her mom nodded and began.


2006 25/12


Marry Christmas dear Joan. I hope you will like the gift I gave you. You forgot it on the café, so I took it and now it is under your tree so you can take it. I always hated the Christmas, but you made me liked it.

And you are right when you said that the snow was beautiful when it is falling down. Now when I see snow I think of you my dear Joan, and your smile.

I wish you a marry Christmas and hope we see again.


The Man In Black


Joan run over to the tree, and there a little box in blue paper was. Joan took it and opened it. In it was a necklace. There was two side of it, one with a man on and one with a woman one. An on that side with the woman there was a diamond.

Joan had the best Christmas that year and so did he.

They didn´t forget each other. And they never will.



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