Time Of My Life

A girl living the time of her life until some people move to town and meets the most charming 5 boys she has ever met.


1. Me

Hey! I'm Cassie Young, 16 years old and in my last year of High School. I've got 2 days before I start a new school after the Winter Break. I actually do enjoy school. My outside 'look' looks tough and rebellious but on the inside, I am super trustworthy, caring and has the most compassion for everyone! I am an optimist that chooses to live life to it's fullest but in the safest ways. I'm actually half American and English. Half Half. I live with my Grandparents because my mom and dad split when I was only 3 weeks old. I barely see my mom because she lives in England with her boyfriend Sam. I live in America, with my paternal grandparents. I rarely see dad. The last time I saw him, I was 6. That was 10 years ago. I know Nana really misses him and tries to ring him but his line is always engaged. Gramps is an optimist too and always tells Nana that maybe he's living a great life and is very busy. I love them more than anything! Even though mom and dad split, Nana and Gramps still call mom their daughter and is very proud of her. I don't really miss my mom. Nana and Gramps have taken care of me ever since I was 3 months old. Obviously, I only saw my mom yearly on my birthday for 8 years then she never came. I haven't seen her since I was 8 but I could have sworn I saw her in Starbucks with her boyfriend. I don't know if it was her or not! I'm usually hanging out by the beach but Starbucks is like practically opposite the road. I'm a natural brunette, I've got blue eyes naturally and I love them. My friends always call me the female version of Nash Grier the Viner! Haha!

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